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Okay I’m hooked again to another social media website that let’s you post entries easier. I don’t have plans on getting an account until this morning. I just realized how much time I put into facebook but didn’t actually earned something from it. I mean it’s time consuming and I can’t control myself from checking it out from time to time. So I have to redirect these energies and make it worthwhile.

Tumblr, it is! I read some tumblr blogs from friends and celebrities and I find them amusing. Just a photo and you can get an idea what they are trying to blog. I am a photo addict but I don’t find it necessary to post all my pictures to facebook so I need to look for somewhere that I can easily upload it without editing and changing its size. And Eureka! Tumblr is perfect, just a short caption and your done.

I started tumbling (tumblr) today, and I have 4 posts already. I was thinking hard what to name it. I’m looking for something that is about foods, photography and anything under the sun that is likeable. So I came up with ‘yummy’, I was looking for something to add to best describe it, and I came up with ‘bite’ and finally ‘yummybite’.

should be my very personal blog where I will post my vanities, foods, stuffs I like. WomenInspirations should be apart from the above topic, it should only accept worldwide topic or anything that won’t talk about me. I’ll keep it as business blog.

Hope you find time to visit my new blog. Thanks! :-)

Contact: yhan_lei(at)yahoo.com

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