YellowCab Day!

Horrayy! Pizza, pizza.. At last Bryan finally gave in into my cravings for pizza. yay, that’s because he also wanted to treat me for he’s being paid more than his usual payment from clients.


What’s exciting about this day is my friends from college were also there to join us, they are Arlen and Janice.


With Arlen and Janice

The more the merrier! Gabby and Robs were there too.

I like more barbecue flavored pizza than New York’s finest flavor. But both are still delectable and toothsome hehe.

Chicken Barbecue flavored
New York’s Finest

Awesome snack while chatting with friends and making fun taking pics.


We also had a taste of their spicy hot fried chicken. The name tells it all.

After that, we enjoyed the striking movie 2012.

Wonderful day, indeed!

Thought I might share this to you: Cloning Confucius: you don’t need to watch 2012 to know that everything is going to end. Say “I love you” now. – Paulo Coelho

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