Yellow Fin – A Restaurant to Remember in Davao City

Right after our Samal escapade, we were fetched by my Davao friends to have a sumptous dinner somewhere. I was so excited to share our experience with Pearl farm beach resort in Samal. And while Kai can’t stop me from bragging my tanned skin and the wonderful nature-tripping we had she interrupted me to ask where we will going to have our dinner. I said, where do you suggest? I want something unique and famous here in Davao. How about seafoods? I said. Yellow Fin is famous for that! She responded. So off we go even if rain is about to fall heavily.

Kai said that we might see Mayor Duterte in the restaurant as she sees her there frequently. I smiled with the idea. We hopped in and asked the wait staff their specialty. She said we should try their ‘buntot na adobo’. It’s the tail part of tuna, Kai added. That made me more curious of the taste since I never munched tuna’s tail part since before.

We unhesitatingly ordered ‘buntot ng adobo’ together with other entrees on the menu. We got ‘kinilaw’ (salad of fresh tuna and cucumbers) as it’s the favorite of Nestor, Missy’s boyfriend. We also had chopseuy as the ultimate fave of Bryan. We had greaseless chicken as sidedish and caldereta, not really sure if that’s the name hehe. But see pictures below if you can identify it. Go for greaseless chicken because it’s crunchy and yummy (and only available in Davao City)! The caldereta is flavorful too!

All good and foods disappeared in an instant. The washer will have an easy time cleaning the plates hehe and chef will be glad that we never wasted even a single rice. It was indeed sumptuous dining and since it’s the last night we spent in Davao, it was all worth it. We had a happy tummy and after that we strolled in People’s Park and hunt for Davao’s Durian as they are craving for it hehe not me nor Bryan.

But before I continue with other tales, can you guess what’s  everybody’s fave at Yellow Fin restaurant? Tadahhh! It’s buntot na adobo. It has excellent taste with very tender texture so you savor it and melts in the mouth slowly. It has rich taste and incredibly saucy. You can’t help but delight ’till the last part! So if ever you are in Davao, don’t ever EVER miss Yellow Fin restaurant and buntot na Adobo I warn you.  I thought that it’s just a typical seafood restaurant but I was wrong. Now I wish they have a branch in CDO or near CDO hehe.

You can easily see Yellow Fin because it is near their bus terminal. When I was in Davao last year 2010 this one caught my eye but never bothered to visit. Now I’ll not skip this on my list when I’ll go there (crossing fingers). Thanks to my friends who brought so much fun and laughter in this short trip. They are simply awesome!

Yellow Fin Seafood and Restaurant
Sandawa Plaza, Quimpo Boulevard, Ecoland, Davao City
082.297.8777 or 082.298.0299
Mon-Sat -  from 10AM to 10PM

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  1. Bryan says:

    Thanks for sharing your Davao experience, Davao is surely a nice place as what my friends told me. We’ll be going there soon and we’ll surely visit yellow fin as I love tuna.

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