What’s on your List?

Most women have their favorite beauty products and vanity items. I’ll be posting mine here. This is such a vain entry so if you don’t like what I’m writing, just go to other posts ;-)


I simply love the smell of Loreal hair products. I don’t care too much what they will do with my hair hehe what I care is their smell that’s relaxing and refreshing :D


Been using Nivea skin care products and pond’s cream for quite a while now.

This one is half empty already, I am not a fragrance fanatic but this victoria’s secret amber romance capture my olfactory senses.


Been using Eskinol since first year college due to mama’s influence hehe. I’m sorry about my low quality photos, hopefully I’ll get a new camera this month of June (crossing fingers).

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  4. Ika says:

    hi…i just wondering if the natural eskinol with grains is still produced and available?before this im using that one, but unfortunately, i cant find the one with grains anymore at my place sandakan sabah…

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