What’s new with New Year?


I never get to blog oftentimes these days. My work would not permit me :-( Sad but challenged, that’s what I feel right now because I’ll be busy with my new project. I am handling a new project and that means a new work load. I hope I could manage this right. Back from a quite long vacation from Gingoog, I’m now faced with tougher assignment. Just came to realize that as you age and become more mature, you long for more success in every aspect in your life from finances to career to relationships to health and most of all your personality. This new year 2010, I hope to become a better saver. I know I have spend so much that I never get to deposit money in my account. This year I would also go back to my hobbies and that’s charcoal painting, I’ve been putting this aside so many times because of my work. This year, I promise to work harder so I could earn more. Gosh I have so many plans ahead. Wish I could travel to different places too. Just like me, I know you have something in your list of to do’s this new year. We don’t know what’s about to unfold in the days and months to come but we’re the same on wishing for a brighter future.

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