Wacoal for Women on the Go

When I was just a teenager, I was not conscious with bra sizes as long as it covers the front I was satisfied with it. I was not even aware that bras differ according to comfort.

I suffered from backaches due to undersized bras and felt it was so tightly wrapped up in my sensitive part making me breath uneasily. Moreover when I gained weight I didn’t changed the size I used until I suffered the consequences, I cannot speak well in front of other people because all I want to do was adjust the bra in the toilet, yes those are so pathetic and disturbed days. I felt like I was controlled by those unfriendly materialized bras. I got tired eventually and throw them away.

I realized the importance of wearing the proper size to achieve a comfortable daily lifestyle as well as gain confidence in every situation. Plus I was assigned with projects where I need to look calm and confident. That was a style-changing factor in my life as it affects my career already.

From then on, I became choosy with the type of brassiere to use. When I shop I make sure that it fit well and comfortable so I can juggle and perform best in my daily activities.

I usually go for thin padded, non-wire bras. Fortunately I found both of these good qualities at Wacoal because they offer a wide array of style that would really fit in to your needs. It’s true that women in their 20′s love to experiment, they get a load of fun with Wacoal! Wacoal supports you all the way.

I love active lifestyle and together with Wacoal I can almost do everything without limitation. I also love their designs that reflects the fashion trend of a woman on the go. I now know how to enjoy life and go wherever I want as long as I’m confident with myself and with what I am wearing.

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