Tokyo Bubble Tea Restaurant, Centrio Mall

I just love everything Japan! Foods, restaurants, kawaii stores, gadgets, cherry blossoms. I have this fondness developed over years after being able to visit local Japanese restaurants and stores. Notice how excellent their products are. Made with discipline and class! Now I have a new favorite Japanese resto right in the heart of Cagayan de Oro City! We were walking fast last Feb 14, 2014 in 3rd foor Centrio, Ayala Mall when I catch a glimpse of this dainty place. Then I noticed the Japanese characters on their signage. And it reads Tokyo Bubble Tea, Milk tea place and restaurant. So I was like giddity giddity kid. This must be a good restaurant to explore! By entering the place you can notice right away the Japanese songs played on. Ahh! Feels so Japan. The Tokyo Bubble shop is crowded that day, well, people always wanted to try something new so we understand the flocks.

On Feb 14th, we had a snack. We had their specialty takuyaki and I must say this is the best authentic takuyaki so far! It is smothered in rich sauce and cream. It is thick and satisfying. yeah I got full easily. Maybe I gorge desperately because it’s one of a kind yummy Japanese treat!

I’ve taken a bite already here because I can’t wait! That flipped side has a hidden trace of a huge bite! haha

Acting! We also had a green tea (my personal favorite tea) that is a good pair to my takuyaki.

And then there’s this tasty Yogi’s Poutine Fries. It was an afternoon with delight indeed!

And would you believe we dined in again the next day? Haha that was how hooked we are… so we invited 2 friends to come along.

This was mine – Teriyaki Chicken don. Enticing and soft with rich taste you can’t forget. Freaking drooling now seeing the picture!


Teriyaki Chicken Don
Bryan was once again ecstatic to consume his meal so the presentation is wracked up. I shall not post it here but I will for an idea. His is Korean Bulgogi. Yeah that’s huge and considering the price, very affordable.


IMG_6755I was really intrigued with their milk tea because its huge, presentable, so kawaii so we had it the next visit. Green tea milk tea for me (such a green tea addict). Was so satisfied I finished a huge jar, I shared it with Bryan but he took 1/8 part only because I was voracious hihi. With our friends here who ordered Strawberry milk tea and milk shake. KAMPAI!

I had their menu pictured but only for few pages. Take a look so you have an idea what to get ;)



Inside the restaurant.

Girl with happy tummy.  On the same spot from first visit to second.



Domo Arigato Tokyo Bubble Tea for bringing a taste of Japan in Cagayan de Oro City!


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