Tita Fannies Chicken and Liempo Haus

During my stay in Iligan City, my friends and I spent some time at Tita Fannies Chicken and Liempo Haus. It is well known and is very affordable specially to us students who have a very tight budget. That’s why when I heard that Tita Fannies is opening a new branch here in Cagayan de Oro City, I swore to myself to visit it oftentimes. It is conveniently located at Coralles Street, a distant  from Cogon. Their business opened last September 2008 here in CdO.

We chose Tita Fannies to spend our dinner with. It was still early that time for dinner, I think its 5:00 in the afternoon. Obviously customers are still few and the restaurant is not yet busy.

Tita Fannies

Meet my new found friend, flowerhorn fish. It knows how to pose and confident in the camera. I really had fun looking at it.

Flower Horn

On our table was Bryan’s sizzling liempo and calamares. I had to convince him that Tita Fannies liempo is the best when we had our first dinner at the said restaurant last year. After one year, liempo is still present at the table whenever we dine there.


I prefer Calamares dipped with soy sauce rather than the mayonnaise they served. And I removed the bread crumbs before eating. Taste more delicious to me :)

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