Tinuy-an Falls Bislig City

So you heard about the Niagara falls of the Philippines? Yes, Tinuy-an falls is dubbed as the famous Niagara falls in the Philippines because of its wide and long water cascades. It is hidden in the peaceful community of Bislig City. The exact address is Brgy Borboanan, Bislig City. Tinuy-an literally means ‘you will frequently visit it after the first one because of its beauty’.

How do we reach the place? If you are from Manila or any part from Luzon, you can travel via airbus to Butuan City or Cagayan de Oro City. Once you reach Butuan, ride a bus going to Bislig City/Mangagoy (these are same place, Mangagoy is the Capital of Bislig). Because we traveled from Cagayan de Oro City, we have to stopped over at Butuan City and stayed overnight. The next morning we had a tour at Butuan and continued our journey to Bislig City riding Bachelor express bus. Take note that from Butuan it will take approximately 5 and a half hours to reach Bislig City. It was a bumpy ride but I like seeing the rural areas as I feel the breeze caressing my face (no air-conditioned bus teehee). We were sitting next to the driver so I had the chance to take full view of the surroundings.

It was already dark when we arrived at Mangagoy, about 8pm, the bus was parked when a kind lady approached and asked where we are going. Rhea told her about our short trip and that we are on our own to discover the place. Good thing she is a government officer and was concerned. She took us to the motorcycle and instruct the driver to send us to the newest inn in the City. The inn just opened tonight Sept 1, 2012 and we were the first customer! Wow we are so lucky. We had free dinner and discounts for our room! This trip got even better. We only paid freaking P750 for the room! Really a good deal. They are so warm and friendly to welcome us not to mention I hungrily indulge with their feast lol. So guys if you go there, I can recommend Tffany’s Inn. It’s near in the bus terminal and accessible (Too bad some of my pics are corrupted so the photos when I ate was gone boohoo).

Tfanny’s alley going to the room

I’m so noob I didn’t get a picture of the room, gaaah! But it’s like you are in your bed at home. It’s very comfy!

The next morning, we woke up early at 6:00 and had a phenomenal ‘breakfast at Tiffany’s’. Song or movie we did it! hehe. We already hired a habal2 or motorbike driver last night, the same person who took us to the inn was the one we hired the next day. It was a breeze transaction. At 7:30am we are ready to ride the motorbike to Tinuy-an falls.

I think it took 1 and a half hour until we see the Tinuy-an falls. We passed by villages, wide farms, a peaceful lake, we crossed two weak bridges. And the most challenging one is staying our butt in the motorbike seat as we hurdle the rocky roads. We moved up and climb the hill and the next minute we are moving downward. It was like riding a roller coaster hehe.

But behind the road adventure is pleasing to the eyes. You’ll be able to feed your eyes with landscapes such as the wide green rice fields which I usually see in paintings, the triangular position of the birds flying, the blue sky. A cool breeze! It was spectacular and totally a nature trip!

The arrival

It was really wide water falls with several levels. From the entrance, you’ll be able to see a rainbow below the longest level between the hours of 8:00am and 10:00am. Well that’s what they said – the guide.

The entrance fee is P50.00 only. Enjoy the cold water and the breeze and let the moist touch your skin. The cascade is in fast movement and as expected, its kinda noisy! Jungle feeling it is! hehe. We chose not to bath as we have to travel to Enchanted River. We might catch colds if we travel wet plus would require an hour to dress up again :D

Noticed the rainbow at our back?

Not sure though if the raft is to be rented when you ride it near to the actual falling water.  Life vest can be rented at Php15.00.

There’s a rainbow, there’s a rainbow! Shouting like a child! Haha not up in the sky but below the falls. Now tell me if its not awesome.

After we enjoyed the lower part of the falls, we climb the stairs going up to the higher level. The levels up there is shorter and must have geographical figure that is both pleasing and amazing.

At the upper part, water is moving fast.

Dipping our feet in the water and observing the sounds of the nature.

In general I enjoyed the nature trip together with Rhea and Bryan. I am glad I was able to witness this kind of nature. We were very blessed because it was sunny and fair-weathered! We traveled to our next destination – Enchanted river around 10:00am. But before that we bought some souvenirs like this mouse pad and key chains.

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