There’s a Joy in Discovering


Today is indeed not an ordinary day. Lovers have a special day in a month, though everyday is a celebration of love, there is a special day that you would not forget. I know you get the idea already.
It turns out that the longer you’d be together with your partner, the closeness becomes even more stronger. I believe that each person involve in a meaningful relationship should continuously make the effort to make it work. Relationship is a two way process that you and your partner should work out to replenish and nurture everyday. As what’s the saying goes ‘Love does not die naturally, it dies because you didn’t replenish its cup’. Lovers should also be supporting each other of the interest of their partner.

You know what’s the secret of a lasting relationship? According to Bro. Bo it is by discovering new things of your partner everyday that makes the relationship wonderful. Always see the goodness of your partner and discover his/her likes so the excitement and attraction would still be present.

And of course make God as the center of your relationship. Who would you turn to in times of happiness and sadness? It is Him.

I’m glad my partner supports me with my passion in photography. See how I took pictures at the other side of Cagayan de Oro City. It was my first time to see the view, it was spectacular. The air is so fresh and cold, never did I imagine that a place like this has existed in this city. The place is surrounded with hills and mountains. And when I first saw their farm, I associate it with Farmville. Lol! But this one is the real farm, this is not the game we play at facebook.


Take a look at the farm just beside the river. One of a kind!


Just glad I’ve seen this place. I took these pics while standing on a bridge.

And this one is a real capture of beauty. Notice the rays of the sun gleaming in the clouds. It’s starting to get dark.

So what do you usually do after an afternoon ride?

Visiting a local restaurant and try some of their foods is a perfect delight.


Sizzling Tenderloin

Sizzling tenderloin

Fried Chicken


We were expecting that their chicken tasted different from other restaurants for they are known for that specialty. But there’s nothing special, but I’m not saying that we’re disappointed with it. It’s still good.


The day is beautifully crafted and happy to have discovered new things :-)

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