The World Has a Clearer View

I regret that I have never taken good care of my eyes. Bad habits like reading while lying in bed, reading in dark areas, not eating the right foods contributed much to this problem I’m having with my eyesight right now. Myopia (Nearsightedness) is a vision impairment which prevents me from seeing far objects clearly. Only the near ones can be read, I cannot read letters and banners shown on streets. During college I also had to go nearer on the blackboard while on class so I can copy what’s written on the board.

Last week was a blast; I pampered my eyes by purchasing it a new pair of glasses, its been ages that it’s been taken for granted. I have eyeglasses before but haven’t worn them always for I am not comfortable with it, too heavy for me. I would not take these new eyeglasses off except when I go to sleep, that’s a simple advice from the ophthalmologist. I was sad to hear the news after a check up that my right eye just got worst. God I’m guilty to what I have done with thy gifts.

Just to prove that I’m back to caring my eyes I purchase a Kappa eyeglasses. Psychologically pricing it is, I was convinced to buy it because it’s on 50% sale and had totally forgotten the high original price. Huh, later then I realized I paid high enough for it. Okay I just decided that this would be my gift for myself this Christmas.

I immediately put the eyeglasses on while trying to find Christmas ideas at the mall. I was introduced to a new view making me see clearly of what is really existing. I hope I’m not missing on something. I smiled as I see objects clearly specially the views when we pass through the hi-way. Hello world! It’s been a long time I haven’t seen you this close, is this how the world looks like? :)

And before enjoying the scene and twinkling lights from afar, we had our dinner at Dimsum.

Simple dinner it is, we had their dim sum platter and shanghai rice. I’m starting to get hungry now since lunchbreak is just 30 minutes to go.

Diim Sum Platter shanghai rice

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  1. hazel says:

    congrats yan! top commenter na ba ko?hehe..bitaw,just found your posts amusing..congrats for the new eyeglasses..naa pod ko gi-buy something for myself..will post it when it arrives..Merry Christmas!:D

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