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Intriguing name right? When I first heard it, I became curious about it. When you are at Cagayan de Oro you must heard about this newly opened restaurant right at the heart of the city. And so, Bryan and I went to try what foods and services they could offer.  Right from the gate before arriving to our table, a guard had already fetch us with his umbrella, it was raining that time and we have hard time looking for the restaurant due to its almost towered fences. We almost not recognize that it was a restaurant from afar because months ago, the place the restaurant stood now is like an abandoned lot. Now it looks so sparkling and attractive place to dine in.

The attendants were welcoming, menu were served immediately after we took our seat. With no doubt at mind, Bryan ordered mixed veggies together with beef with bali sauce and for our drinks, we chose buko and mango. What more can I say when it was served, it smells so good! hmm Very appetizing! Wanted to grab the food right then and there but I have to behave so I controlled myself hehe. haha nah I don’t want to salivate so we started our feast even the second order was not yet served.

Here are some pics:

beef with bali sauce

mixed veggies

I never tasted such food so good like this! Very delightful! I’ll surely come back for more to try their other dishes. Bryan, please prepare for another pompous dining. Lol!


Contact: yhan_lei(at)


  1. randolph says:

    I hate to disagree, but I will never go back there. The food is good, but you may never get to taste it. My friends were there tonight and their chili crab order never came. They called for the manager and only a waiter came. The manager finally came asking what can be done. One of the desserts was on the house. How disappointing!

  2. yanilea says:

    Hi Randolph, I was disappointed to hear that. Maybe they got to be very busy when you came but that would neither give them the reason to dissatisfy their customers. Even us didn’t get the chance to get back there because Bryan found a piece of broken glass I think on the veggies but I chose not to mention it to the post. I don’t want to ruin their starting business. I’m glad to hear from you. Thanks for dropping by. You may suggest some topics for me to post if you want.

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