Take your Part in Saving the Earth


Can you bear to watch this bird die because of toxic foods it gathers from the garbage we carelessly throw anywhere? This is just one of the effects of exploiting natures resources. Thinking of what you can do to help save our Mother Earth? You can! By doing in your own simple ways. Practice them and eventually you’ll be used to them. We can as a responsible care taker of Mother earth take part on this valuable cause.

We cannot let the Earth just die. Climate change is man made problem therefore, it is us who would solve it (John F Kennedy). Little action could make a difference. If you have passion of the things you are doing, eventually you can influence others too.

1. When going to a grocery, don’t use plastic bags. Bring your own bag or basket. The benefits, less garbage more convenience in shopping. I bought a bag like this for grocery purposes.

2. Don’t buy something new just because their is a new gadget being introduced in the market like cellphone. You may throw the charger and cellphone just anywhere when you purchase a new one. Remember: They are not biodegradable and it takes years to decompose them or maybe not. So please take good care of your things to avoid purchasing and throwing the old ones. The benefit, save more money, save mother earth.

3. When going to grocery, buy the packed size items or the larger ones to reduced purchasing many plastic. Sample, instead of sachets, go for the bigger ones. Sachets creates mess too.

4. Instead of riding your own vehicle to go somewhere, have an exercise and take a walk. The benefit, less oxygen and good exercise for the heart. You can opt to do bicycling too.

5. I know you’ve been eating at fast food restaurants. Minimize eating in them, styrofoam are already in millions Don’t try to contribute to this problem. Don’t be lazy, take time to cook in your own house.

6. Helium balloon is a no no! Do you know where they go after flying them? Inform your friends if they like to fly balloons that it’s a contaminant. They would not decompose and became hazardous to forest, riverbanks, seafloors where some of our endangered species lives.And the worst part is they became foods to these

8. Be early to bed as to minimize energy use. Turn off unnecessary appliances.

9. Holding a a kiddie party? Don’t use paper plates and plastic glasses and spoons. Be a warm host, offer your treasured plates to your guests.

10. Go natural. Instead of buying fruit juices stored in cans and plastic container, why not choose the fresh fruits? Easy to bite and has more nutrients.

11. Recycle, recycle, recycle. Don’t throw away your things yet and find ways to recycle them so they can be used again.

12. Support the green company. I admire and patronize companies that helps in campaigning the green community and saving mother earth because they are not only thinking about profiting but thinking as well what they can contribute to the country.

13. Test your politician how much he cares. Think of a presidentiable and candidates who cares a lot about saving the mother Earth. Haven’t decided yet on this one but this factor should be considered.

14. Become a green driver. The faster you drive the more gasoline/diesel you burn. Our recycling truck gets 18 mi/gallon when we drive 70 mph but it run 22 miles a gallon when we drive 53 mph.

Have you realized today when going to a mall how many waste they are disposing? Just in a store or a food chain alone? You can’t count them but you can count the things you can do.

Aware of climate change? Or just too blind. The challenge is to take your part!!!!

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  1. pett says:

    ay, i agree. and climate change has becoming more and more alarming so i guess one should REALLY try, at leas try to do their share. :)

  2. Davaozone says:

    It’s horrible when people don’t think about saving the earth. Little contribution becomes big if everbody’s concerned. I would do no. 11 as much as I can.

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