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Hey guys, where do you usually shop online? There’s a trusted name when it comes to shopping online, no hassles, smooth transaction and legit items to purchase. When I say reliable online shopping in the Philippines I can only remember one online store and that is They have been with us for 17 years already offering us great service! So if you’re planning to surprise your loved ones and friends for a gift, look no further but go to this online store, you will be welcomed with varieties of items from gadgets, personal needs, electronics to clothing. All the things you are looking for you can get it here at Sulit. You can choose from different items according to your taste, preference of color, size, type, and other standards.Well to get what I mean, you better check the website now.

At Sulit, regular customers can also sell. Because it is a buy and sell website, you can also get a chance to get an online business and make Sulit the avenue for your success online.  Register at their website and start selling now.

I was once a seller at Sulit, I helped my Uncle sell his van. It was a success! There were many interested buyers, I was so busy accepting calls and inquiries. Some questions are very technical about the van, so I end up studying it a bit. It was a great experience to sell online I was able to meet some gentlemen.

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A simple girl like me wants simple things in life to kick off a new year 2013! And yes I have a wishlist that I really want to get this year. There’s only one place I know where to go to have all these things I wanted –

I don’t usually show my wishlist online and published it anywhere because I am too shy to let everybody know about it. And shame on me if I didn’t get them and only left as ‘wish’. I know I have to do something to put these material things at home and call as mine! Enough of the prolonging here they are:

 1. It has been a long time dream to have this cutesy pinky bag. This new year, I wanted to carry this bag around the city.

2. New year could mean new activities. I can make use of this bike roaming around the subdivision to get some fresh air.

 3. For the room, so I can get a cozy rest and beat the insomnia. This year, I aim to have more relaxing nights.

4. Simply because I don’t have a decent running shoes yet. In connection with the bike above, this is to get me moving.


5. New year also means new direction. I’m directing myself to healthy foods. I want to make healthy smoothie and offer them to loved ones with this blender.

sulit blender

 6. In addition to the blender, I am opting to grill my foods to reduce oil in my diet. Grilling foods also doesn’t require much time and preparation.

sulit grill

7. After grilling, my foods will be looking for some place to hide. This is perfect room for them, I think so. This will help me organize things. And that means less stress and mess.  A good way to start the year right?

pyrex sulit

8. Summer would come any minute I want to wear this on a beach for a change. Yeah we always wanted some changes on a new year.


9. To make me appear tall, this orange sandal would help me reach higher (well literally hehe)


10. This is elegant with animal print.I don’t know why I’m attracted to animal prints lately.


How about you? What do you want this year? You can always tell me, maybe we can do something to turn them into reality. The good news is we can! Go on share it with me (I shared mine first, it’s your turn now)

Get a chance to win P10,000 worth of gifts certificates from by placing your list of 10 wishes below. In the comment box you should include the item name you want and the url where it can be bought. Just comment on and fill it up with your facebook profile url and you are now entitled 1 entry for a raffle.  You could get lucky this time! Join now, they will draw the winner this February 25. Will update you soon for developments. Remember: Five lucky readers will get P10,000 worth of GC’s each.

See this sample comment:

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  1. Judilee May Briones says:

    Judilee May Briones

    These are my Life’s Most Wanted.. I hope I can win.

    1)Leggings –,Position,1-12,12

    2)Wedge waterproof sandals –,Position,3-5,45

    3)2011 New fashion locomotives Martin cross lace boots –,Position,3-15,55

    4)note 2 clone with GPS NAVIGATION 32gb Jelly Bean 4.1 –

    5)Bags & Wallets –,Position,5-12,92

    6)FOREVER 21 U.S. Satin Shawl Lapel Jacket-,Position,3-6,46

    7)Travel Cross Bag 2n1 Travel Bag –,Position,2-18,38

    8)Authentic Coach Embossed Leather Medium Zip Wallet –,Position,7-11,131

    9)Red Keds Champion Originals –,Position,1-2,2

    10)Back Pack Bag –,Position,2-1,21

  2. Jane Hazel Timario says:

    Jane Hazel Timario

    My very first time in joining contests. I hope to win.

    1-Cosplay Jacket Soul Eater –,Position,3-2,42

    2-BANDAI Soul Eater Maka/Death/Evans 8+2 Figure Set –,Position,1-2,2

    3-AUTHENTIC LONGCHAMP Le Pliage Back Pack – LAGOON -,Position,3-8,48

    4-Psp Games Package –,Position,2-15,35

    5-vans era navy shoes size 10 5 for men 12 for women -,Position,1-12,12

    6-DSLR CAMERA — CANON EOS 350D 18-55mm lens 8mp Photography -–+CANON+EOS+350D+18-55mm+lens+8mp+Photography?referralKeywords=camera&event=Search+Ranking,Position,1-11,11

    7-Authentic ECKO RED Womens Polo Blouse – Aqua Medium -,Position,5-10,90

    8-Hair Iron – Wet Straight Pro – Free Shipping -,Position,1-14,14

    9-Lenovo U165 Neo K125 5gb ddr3 320gb hdd 11 6 inch LED -,Position,1-3,3

    10-Forever 21 Polka Puplum Skirt –,Position,3-7,47

  3. Michelle Von Tilos says:

    Michelle Von Tilos

    I so love Ako piliin nyo please.. :D

    1)Skinny Jeans / Garter Sided Jeans –,Position,1-11,11

    2)NWOT Bree I Cant Leave Without My KiKay Kit Back Pack in Toasted –,Position,3-10,50

    3)Brand New! Samsung Galaxy S III Mini FREE DELIVERY –,Position,1-17,17

    4)Original Just for Kicks Shoes (Red Color) for Sale –,Position,1-8,8

    5)Looking for 2nd Hand iPod Nano 6th Gen (Watch)-,Position,1-1,1

    6)Korean Maroon SingleShoulder Bow Blouse DP11030102-1 –,Position,4-10,70

    7)100 Pure Or Genuine Leather Jacket Sandals Made To Order Marikina –,Position,1-20,20

    8)loreal titanium hair iron –,Position,1-6,6

    9)Black And White Mini Skirt –,Position,3-17,57

    10)Toshiba Satellite P755-S5375 Laptop i7 2nd gen SALE Fte Gadgets –,Position,1-1,1

  4. Angelica Navales says:

    Angelica Navales

    I think this is my lucky month. Sana panalo ako this time.

    1.Cherry Mobile Omega-,Position,1-3,3

    2.BNWT Authentic Tommy Hilfiger Back Pack Women Bag Charcoal Black –,Position,2-17,37

    3.New Style Skinny Jeans -,Position,1-8,8

    4.male shitzu puppies –,Position,1-5,5

    5.Brandnew GBX Shoes –,Position,1-1,1

    6.Charles And Keith Wallet For Sale –,Position,7-1,121

    7.Girls Wear/Toddlers/ Kids clothes, Girls Blouse/Top, Kids Blouse –,Position,5-11,91

    8.NEW LOOK SG Faux Suede Sandals –,Position,2-19,39

    9.Wet & Dry Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Iron (SMALL and MEDIUM) -,Position,1-1,1

    10.Nautica N09908G Sport Ring Multifunction Orange Box Set Watch –,Position,1-20,20

  5. Romando Lonon jr. says:

    Romando Lonon jr.

    1- New Oakley Peak Load Pack/Bag – Digi Plaid :,Position,3-1,41

    2-Brand New Cherry Mobile Titan TV – Sealed :,Position,1-3,3

    3-DSLR CAMERA — NIKON D3000 18-55mm lens 10.2mp 3″lcd photography -–+NIKON+D3000+18-55mm+lens+10.2mp+3%22lcd+photography?referralKeywords=camera&event=Search+Ranking,Position,1-13,13

    4- Lenovo U165 Neo K125 5gb ddr3 320gb hdd 11 6 inch LED -,Position,1-3,3

    5- Original Giordano Men’s Tapered Fit Polo Shirt (Black) – Small –,Position,3-8,48

    6- Emporio Armani Sport Chronograph Quartz Silver Dial Men s Watch –,Position,1-8,8

    7-Lacoste Challenge Perfume for Men – 90 ml / 3.0 FL. OZ. –,Position,1-12,12

    8- 1969 Slouchy Slim Jeans For Men –,Position,2-5,25

    9-Authentic Leather Jacket For Men & Women –,Position,1-20,20

    10-Mossimo Sunglass MOSSIMO 9358PZ 4S for Men –,Position,1-15,15

    I hope to be picked.
    God Bless.

  6. Kim Ting says:

    Kim Ting

    1)Lebron 8 Sprite Class AAA –,Position,2-17,37

    2)Jordan 11 Breds 1 is to 1 Authentic Copy -,Position,2-15,35

    3)Folding Bikes Japan Surplus –,Position,2-17,37

    4)iphone 4s 16gb white openline –,Position,1-6,6

    5)MANLY Mens Shirt, Tops [S-XL] — FREE Shipping! ––+FREE+Shipping%21?referralKeywords=men+shirt&event=Search+Ranking,Position,1-3,3

    6)Levis 521 jeans for men (relaxed Straight)-,Position,1-18,18

    7)Timex Watch T5G291 50 Lap Chrono Sleek Blue and White Stretch –,Position,1-12,12

    8)Perfume for Men and Women –,Position,1-18,18

    9)Samsung St600 –,Position,1-5,5

    10)Brandnew Gap Blue Jacket For Men –,Position,1-13,13

  7. Eugene Gaviola says:

    Eugene Gaviola

    1)Authentic Es Square Two Fusion Skate Shoes –,Position,2-6,26

    2)Acoustic Guitar natural Davis D-38c w/equalizer Free T-shirt –,Position,1-4,4

    3)LATITTUDE Mens Shirt, Tops [S-XL] –,Position,1-8,8

    4)Ck Eternity Summer 2011 Edt Perfume For Men 100ml –,Position,1-7,7

    5)Canon Digital Camera –,Position,1-7,7

    6)Authentic GUESS Jeans for Men LATEST DESIGN –,Position,1-7,7

    7)nike jacket for men –,Position,1-4,4

    8)Brand New Zopo Zp900 Leader – For Free Delivery And Free Casing –,Position,1-10,10

    9)Mossimo Sunglass MOSSIMO 9359PZ 3A For Men –,Position,1-18,18

    10)Fossil Belts for Men Timex Watch All Black –,Position,1-4,4

  8. Coy says:

    Jacob Fuentes

    These are my Most Wanted and most searched items.. I hope I can win.

    1. Cherry Mobile Fusion Ice,Position,1-2,2

    2. Cherry mobile Flare,Position,1-5,5

    3. Canon 650d,Position,1-1,1

    4. Canon 500mm f1.4 USM,Position,1-6,6

    5. Full suspension Mountain bike,Position,1-2,2

    6. Seagate Goflex 640gb USB Powered Portable External Hard Disk,Position,1-2,2

    7. addidas beckenbauer shoes,Position,3-18,58

    8. QUICKSILVER Men Flipflops Slippers,Position,1-10,10

    9. Marvel Avengers Movie 2012 Mini Mighty Muggs – Set Of 5,Position,1-3,3

    10. Canon G15 Powershot G15,Position,1-1,1

  9. Bryan says:

    Bryan Joseph King

    Here are my most wanted items:

    1] New Ford Everest 2013 4×2 MT P58k Best Deal Promo Free Trunk Tray

    2] Apple Macbook Pro 15 Quad Core i7 4Gb Ddr3 500Gb ATI Gddr5 Vram,Position,1-4,4

    3] Vision Sub Full Suspension Mountain bike,Position,1-6,6

    4] Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 24 Pak Whey Casein Stack,Position,1-7,7

    5] Gym Equipment,Position,1-6,6

    6] Samsung LED TV Series 7 UA-55ES7500 (SMART 3D TV),Position,1-3,3

    7] Pro Audio Mobile Sound System Package (Crown/Lexus Audio) New Ad!,Position,1-5,5

    8] WD Elements SE 1TB Portable 2 5 USB3 0 External Hard Disk,Position,1-14,14

    9] sofa,Position,2-6,26

    10] Isukoshi iSpace Massage Chair,Position,1-5,5

  10. Pett says:

    Glazel Pett Espejon

    2013, please be good to me :)

    Here’s my most wanted items:

    1. Baby Carrier,Position,1-5,5

    2. Baby Stroller,Position,1-4,4

    3. Brother Mfc J220 4 In 1 Printer,Position,1-3,3

    4. sony vaio laptop VGN-Z11WN-B,Position,1-4,4

    5. Dorothy Double Deck Bed Frame Metal×75%29?referralKeywords=double+deck+bed&featureType=13&event=Sponsored+Ranking,Position,1-1,1

    6. Ikea bedsheet set,Position,1-8,8

    7. Personal Ref,Position,1-13,13

    8. Munchkin Diaper Duty Organizer,Position,1-3,3

    9. Swivel Chair,Position,1-16,16

    10. The North Face Back Pack,Position,1-1,1

  11. Eldie says:

    Eldie David

    This is my wishlist for 2013.

    1. Nikon D90 DSLR Camera–+NIKON+D90+12.3mp+video+LiveView+hdmi+photography?referralKeywords=nikon+d90&event=Search+Ranking,Position,1-3,3

    2. Samsung LED TV,Position,1-1,1

    3. iPhone 5s,Position,1-3,3

    4. Denon Receiver,Position,1-2,2

    5. Baby Stroller,Position,1-2,2

    6. Isuzu D-Max,Position,1-6,6

    7. Laptop,Position,2-4,24

    8. Acoustic Guitar,Position,1-1,1

    9. Magic Sing,Position,1-2,2

    10. Blackberry,Position,1-1,1

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