Social Media day with CDO Bloggers

Yes you read it right! It’s a miracle that I’ve joined an activity of CDO bloggers this year. I’ve been in hiatus mode with the blogging community since last 2010 Christmas party where I won a cellphone. I don’t usually join CDO bloggers activity but when I do I win something hahaha. The positive energies are lurking me. Is it a coincidence or I’m just lucky? Social Media day is a merry day! I won a free web hosting for a year. Guess I could open another blog. I’m still thinking what niche to start. Any suggestion?

Social Media day (June 30, 2012 Saturday) is initiated by mashable 3 years ago. It was made an official yearly celebration for all the bloggers and social media users. This is a way to recognize the role of social media sites to us human. We live in a world where awareness is essential. Social media becomes an important tool to communicate with others, to reach common people, to give information and to become technologically adept. Internet is too mainstream, why not use the resources to influence other right?

One of the things I like in this event is I hear sensible topics especially coming from well knowledgeable people in the field. We already know the topic but if someone speaks about social media with wit and style,  it gives you an inner understanding.

For the first time, I met Mindanaoan who was the main speaker of the event. She gives an example how powerful tool social media like Twitter and facebook are in letting others know the calamity that struck Cagayan de Oro city during sendong storm. Other bloggers share their forte too. I cannot link all of their sites here but go on and search for cdo bloggers hehe.

Just posting the pictures here to brag that I’m part (at least at that day haha) of an awesome community that raise awareness and has a clear advocacy . I just stole the pictures from cdobloggers fb account lol. Here I talk what adjective that best describes me for my initial Y —– youthful! Lol. Thanks Venus for the pictures and to all who captured pictures.

If you want to be part of CDOBloggers, visit the link and contact any member.

Contact: yhan_lei(at)

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