There are times that I cannot escape to the idea of how bad being single is, not that really bad but there are disadvantages of not having a partner. In every situation there are advantages and disadvantages but let me tell you few disadvantages of being one.

1. No one to carry your bags when you’re going shopping
2. No one to help you choose which sandal suits to you
3. No one would assist you when you are riding a vehicle
4. No one to tell you if the dress you wear looks nicely to you
5. No one to call you just to say goodnight
6. No one to wake you up with a text message of good morning
7. No one to visit you when you are sick or something is happening to you
8. No one to check if you have arrive home safely
9. No one to remind you to eat every meal
10. No one to scold you when you stayed late at night
11. No one to hug
12. No one to kiss
13. No one to share your deepest emotions
14. No one to listen to your every word
15. No one to cry on
16. No one to fetch you up at the office
17. No one to stare at you for a longer time
18. No one would say ‘I love you’
19. No one to give cards and letters and flowers
20. No holding hands where you feel safe
21. No one to love
22. No one to spend time together

These are just what my heart tells me so at the moment, but this does not mean to be true at all times, these statements could change any time until I fall again.

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  1. charisteresite says:

    yes, yan you are right yet does not mean that being single (without having someone special)in your life is totally boring, heheh.That boyfriend is the ultimate company that we can really depend and show our craziness whenever needed.

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