Sharing my thoughts about Feeding Program through Smartbro

I am home today and being at home means you can do or experience unusual things during your stay. It means you can attend to family matters and important events in your beloved hometown. It’s not everyday that I can visit my family, so whenever I have the perfect time, I go home and check them out. I’m glad that today is not the ordinary day.

Our brgy. was invited to a feeding program before lunchtime. I am reluctant to go with my small brother because I have some works to do but he insisted that he will not attend without me. So I was dragged by him and joined the crowd. Well, ate has no choice. When I entered the hall where the program is taking place, I was taken abacked to found huge no. of kids running around. Oh well, this is a feeding program I reminded myself.

The speaker introduced themselves and speak intently to convince the kids to listen, there was no luck at all since kids will always be kids during parties. As ate, I am helping my brother kill the time as he is deeply bored and uninterested. I found out that the main sponsor for the program is no other than our beloved Congressman Peter Unabia. Why did he constructed the program? Why is he sharing the fresh milk to small kids? No, not all of the members of the community knows this fact. That the congressman’s first glass of milk is during his second year in college because of the difficult life of their family. He don’t want to let the kids experience what he had gone through. Also, his mother influenced him to share anyhting to those who needs.

Today, we are reminded that there are still person who cares. That not all politicians who win will just forget what they’ve promised. I am reminded to share my blessings too even in small ways. Share yours too and it will goes back in three-folds. But don’t help because you wanted to be recognized or be famous. Just help because it is the right thing to do.

Now that I’m able to share this small event but ‘something to ponder’ experience, I am thankful for the tool that helped me share my thoughts of what I have learned today (people’s life story and the act of sharing). Good thing I’m bringing my smartbro plug it to help me work and blog at the same time wherever I go. I am using this one for a year now for travel purposes or when I go home.

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  1. Bryan says:

    It’s been a while that I’ve done this kind of things, good for you that you had a chance to do this. I’ve also read your review about smartbro, and that’ll really help me in making a decision which ISP I should choose. Thanks!

  2. pett says:

    fresh milk ra ila gihatag ani yan? usually naa sad pospas. i miss joining the feeding programs of PMU. kami ni albert, we are helping Cong Unabia pero youth-based mi. Glad to know na they are continuing to do the good deeds :D

  3. yanilea says:

    Hi Pett, aside sa fresh milk, nglunch pod mi ana.. They will also give daw school supplies this May or June. They listed the ones who attended pra matagaan ug gamit.

    Wow, okay kaau mo ni albert ky ga participate jud mug ani na events. Next time naa unta mo hehe..

  4. pett says:

    Nice, naay school supplies :) that’s good to know. The feeding program used to be our project before pero gihatag na sa lain na sector, PMU gihapon na project. More on sport involvement mi. In fact, nagduwa lang the other month sa Balingoan. Nice baya ang experience. Yup, si Albert and Vice Chair karon then Deputy Sec for Education ko.

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