Resort de Alberto, Medina Misamis Oriental

I’m going to walk you through Resort de Alberto of Medina Misamis Oriental. It was the resort we chose to stay during our short weekend getaway. It is a new resort in Medina that rings a bell in my ear because it’s new and frequently visited by my friends. I was intrigued about it so I have to checked it out myself together with few friends from CDO. Today, I’m going to make a tour for you. I like providing information to people who are planning for a vacation and I also love helping business establishment get promoted/recognized on internet especially the new ones and has satisfactory services. I had a good experience with Resort de Alberto so I’m sharing it with my readers. You might consider getting there one of these days!

To get there, just ride a bus to Medina, Misamis Oriental. The locals know well where Alberto’s is located so if you ask a person, he/she can direct you to it.

This is the receiving area of the resort, unique decorations and furniture displayed for the comfort of guests:


The parking lot is just enough:


On the left side is their restaurant, and that building over there is the function rooms.

Below: Function Rooms


A few more walks you will be greeted with the blue large swimming pool! Lined in the pool are the hotel rooms for the guests. The guests can eventually look down and see the pool below. What a relaxing site!


We were checked in at the second floor soooo we have to climb the stairs…..


and the alley…..

Inside our room. Standard room has 2 beds  (1 large bed 1 smaller bed) – P1,900 (3 persons)


a cable TV


The terrace offers a perfect view of the pool, the coconut trees and the blue sky!

alberto resort pool
Yes! they have kiddie pool if you observed that in the picture. Noticed that yellow slide in the pic? That’s for the kids or the kids at heart! :)
Resort de ALberto kiddie pool:
A few more walks you’ll reach the seaside that caters more services. They offer special occasion services here like weddings:1234718_10202408354784317_2029825192_n
This is after the kiddie pool. The functional hall for ‘I do’s’. Isn’t it a lovely sight? Of course, they will put decorations in the place so don’t worry about this being barren.IMG_9036_800x533


Now back inside the main resort. More Pics of the Pool:        1897700_10202408391545236_1489601176_n

The pool is wide enough for long laps! If you are a swimmer like my companions, you will truly enjoy the length of the pool. And the shade! The building is protecting you from the heat of the sun! 1798600_10202408391665239_1470786972_n  1891302_10202408385345081_623801498_n

A resort review won’t be perfect without trying their foods, so here goes the palatable menu on our table:


Sinuglaw (sinugbang pork and kinilaw in one), Chopsuey, Beef in Mushroom, Calamares.. All good! I tell you, these are awesomely prepared! Even the rice is perfect! Wow, will not forget that dinner.

We bought some pasalubong at the restaurant at P240. The buko pie is good, not so sweet and its filled with more buko goodness. Unlike others that has more flour on it. This is a real buko pie!


Inside the restaurant:

resort de alberto restaurant

More photos during night swimming, we enjoyed the quirky chairs:



The view from the room at night. Excuse the guy hahaha


Opppss the kids playing!


We give Alberto Resort a 2 thumbs up! We had happy moments, surely this experience will be added up in our ‘memory banks’. Thanks Alberto’s Resort. ‘Till next time!


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