Renowned Certified Makeup Artist Tells All!

Girls, read these tips. Very helpful one and can be applied for a lifetime. Very simple to follow and effective. Plus the good news, they are from professional make-up artists.

0807-twilight-women_at1. EYES FIRST: Always apply your eye shadow before applying foundation. If your eye color gets on your skin and mixes with your foundation, you will have a “caking” and “creasing” effect under your eye.

2. NATURAL COLORS: Brown tones are always the most natural. Light colors like cream enhance and bring forward and dark colors like brown push back. The light tones can be applied to your entire eye lid. The darker tones should be applied with an eye shadow brush in the crease of your eye like a windshield wiper.

3. STRAIGHT LINE: Use a liner brush to apply eye liner and point the angle toward your nose for a straight line.

4. CURLING LASHES: Always curl your lashes prior to applying mascara
to avoid breaking, clumping, and to keep healthy lashes.

5. CLEANSE SKIN: Makeup remover must be applied underneath your eyes and on your cheek bones after applying shadow. You will be surprised how much makeup you take off. Imagine that mixing with your foundation.

6. EXACT MATCH: Foundation should always be matched to the color of your neck or jaw bone. Your face is naturally darker than your neck because the sun hits your face more. If you match your foundation to your face, this is bad because your neck will appear much lighter in pictures. Your neck is your natural skin tone with a lot less UV damage.

7. FLAWLESS FOUNDATION: Blend, blend, & blend again! Apply liquid foundation with a triangular wedge and blot around your skin for best results.

8. POWDER PERFECT: The trick to perfect skin is to apply powder after your foundation for a smooth and flawless appearance.

9. BLUSHING BRIDE: Make a fish face by sucking in your cheeks or smile wide to locate our cheek bones. Apply blush to the entire cheek bone with a blush brush. Never use too much blush; blush should be subtle and natural.

10. PUCKER UP: Lips should be filled in with lip pencil prior to applying or gloss for a longer lasting color.

See for yourself now by trying these beauty tips by yourself!

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