Pizza Hut

Pizza hut

This caught my eyes while having dinner at Pizza Hut, I never recognize this woman until I take a clearer view and recognize her by her name printed just below. It’s Christina Aguilera as a Global Spokesperson for World Hunger Relief. Your donation for the cause she promotes would feed some hungry children at Mindanao. I am glad that some influential celebrities stepped into a new course to give others a hope. This will certainly give her career a boost for the participation she made.


Anyway have you tried the new pasta offered at Pizza Hut? I tried their Pasta duet, (Fettuccine Alfredo and Mac and Cheese) so enticing and worth the try. It has this intense taste that keeps you savor for more, will immediately make the stomach full after a minute of munch.


Tropical Fizz and Mango Juice

Trpoical fizz

Bryan’s choice:

Pork BBQ Rice

Barbeque-glazed pork ribs in BBQ sauce served over steamed rice.

Yeah, after playing badminton and burning calories we end up filling the lost calories at dinner.

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