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Hey guys, where do you usually shop online? There’s a trusted name when it comes to shopping online, no hassles, smooth transaction and legit items to purchase. When I say reliable online shopping in the Philippines I can only remember one online store and that is They have been with us for 17 years already offering us great service! So if you’re planning to surprise your loved ones and friends for a gift, look no further but go to this online store, you will be welcomed with varieties of items from gadgets, personal needs, electronics to clothing. All the things you are looking for you can get it here at Sulit. You can choose from different items according to your taste, preference of color, size, type, and other standards.Well to get what I mean, you better check the website now.

At Sulit, regular customers can also sell. Because it is a buy and sell website, you can also get a chance to get an online business and make Sulit the avenue for your success online.  Register at their website and start selling now.

I was once a seller at Sulit, I helped my Uncle sell his van. It was a success! There were many interested buyers, I was so busy accepting calls and inquiries. Some questions are very technical about the van, so I end up studying it a bit. It was a great experience to sell online I was able to meet some gentlemen.

sulit profile


A simple girl like me wants simple things in life to kick off a new year 2013! And yes I have a wishlist that I really want to get this year. There’s only one place I know where to go to have all these things I wanted –

I don’t usually show my wishlist online and published it anywhere because I am too shy to let everybody know about it. And shame on me if I didn’t get them and only left as ‘wish’. I know I have to do something to put these material things at home and call as mine! Enough of the prolonging here they are:

 1. It has been a long time dream to have this cutesy pinky bag. This new year, I wanted to carry this bag around the city.

2. New year could mean new activities. I can make use of this bike roaming around the subdivision to get some fresh air.

 3. For the room, so I can get a cozy rest and beat the insomnia. This year, I aim to have more relaxing nights.

4. Simply because I don’t have a decent running shoes yet. In connection with the bike above, this is to get me moving.


5. New year also means new direction. I’m directing myself to healthy foods. I want to make healthy smoothie and offer them to loved ones with this blender.

sulit blender

 6. In addition to the blender, I am opting to grill my foods to reduce oil in my diet. Grilling foods also doesn’t require much time and preparation.

sulit grill

7. After grilling, my foods will be looking for some place to hide. This is perfect room for them, I think so. This will help me organize things. And that means less stress and mess.  A good way to start the year right?

pyrex sulit

8. Summer would come any minute I want to wear this on a beach for a change. Yeah we always wanted some changes on a new year.


9. To make me appear tall, this orange sandal would help me reach higher (well literally hehe)


10. This is elegant with animal print.I don’t know why I’m attracted to animal prints lately.


How about you? What do you want this year? You can always tell me, maybe we can do something to turn them into reality. The good news is we can! Go on share it with me (I shared mine first, it’s your turn now)

Get a chance to win P10,000 worth of gifts certificates from by placing your list of 10 wishes below. In the comment box you should include the item name you want and the url where it can be bought. Just comment on and fill it up with your facebook profile url and you are now entitled 1 entry for a raffle.  You could get lucky this time! Join now, they will draw the winner this February 25. Will update you soon for developments. Remember: Five lucky readers will get P10,000 worth of GC’s each.

See this sample comment:

Grow your business or have a hassle free shopping online here at To get regular updates simply like Sulit Facebook Fanpage and make sure to follow them – Sulit Twitter account.

Cherry Mobile Cruize short review

I’m still in awe after finding out that Cherry Mobile Cruize can accommodate blogging!!! Cruize is cheaper compared to other mobile devices yet it can proudly compete with the high end units like Samsung or iPhone. Oh well, yes I’m writing from Cruize. I’m happy with my purchase, it’s more than worth from actual payment. Now I can enjoy installing and using phone apps through Android. Cruize is an ice cream sandwich type Android phone with 8mp camera. its almost 11pm now, and I feel groggy but Cruize keep me this awake because it has so much to offer. Very responsive to touch, can type easily, and it’s fast even though it is only single core. I think the reason why it’s cheaper than other Cherry mobile units because of the core. I like that it’s 5.2 wide, now I can read ebooks if I can’t fall asleep at night. Cruize can easily connect to Wi-Fi, good audio. Everything seems polished. Navigation of features are pretty convenient. What a legit proof of high class mobile but cheap in price. You guys from the Philippines should check out Cherry mobile Cruize, bloggers who are on low budget try this. I didn’t regret buying this for only P4495. Yes you read it right! I hope to write Cherry mobile Cruize review next time so please check it out. By the way Cruize just released last January 2013 so really new in the market.

Cruize is pretty big so it is awkward to carry at first and obviously you can’t fit it in your jean’s pocket. As for me I put it in my bag. It feels sturdy. Not slippery to hold and when you try to get it out of bag or transfer.

The camera is quite decent, I have yet to discover how to turn off the camera sound when you capture image. Not beautiful to the ears. The camera has delay when capturing but it’s okay for me. I think about 4seconds to process. Don’t ever move when capturing to avoid blurriness. You can edit photos though with many options. Filters are great, photo junky will be happy to use try this. Has sepia, and other effects plus Red eye correction and other stuff.


Bye for now! I left you a sample photo captured by Cruize. No edits.

Country Chic – My new fave Scent

Recently I’m hooked with this new found scent that I definitely love to wear all the time. It’s the Country Chic from ‘Bath & Body Works’ American retail store.

I found the name intriguing because of the word country (I love country music so I tried it) haha what a shallow reason. Right then I knew this is the scent that I’m looking for. I immediately noticed the powdery feel of the fragrance and the calmness.  Such a good treat for a simple chic on the go but tries to maintain a fab outlook in life.

Buy this product here.

Hinatuan Enchanted River

In Surigao del Sur, you will find a deep blue lagoon/river known as Enchanted River. Most tourists would drop by or visit the place after having fun at Tinuy-an Falls. I guess these two spots are perfect pair for nature tripping in Bislig City Surigao del Sur. Though they are quite far from each other, there are things that connects them. First, they are bodies of water, secondly they give similar joy to people wanting to escape from the buzzling streets of the city.

And so behold, the rich lush bordering the river…and the great landscape that mount beside it.

Here’s a preview of behaved people observing the serenity during the fish feeding session. Everyone pays respect for this important time for the creatures in the lagoon. They do this every 12:00 in the afternoon where they play a music to inform people of this local tradition.

And so after that everyone can go back to swimming and jumping!

Thank you God for providing Surigao del Sur a bountiful of seafoods. We indulged into calamares and grilled fish that you can smell the salt from the sea. It’s very fresh and engaging. We only paid P400 for a delightful meal, just wow! How I love the provincial feeling! Simplicity at its best.

We had much energy after lunch so we went back to the river, the water is very cold as expected. And yeah you are literally swimming with the fish. I lost my ring while swimming (it jumped out) but because the sun beams brightly and the water is crystal clear, we found it in less than 5 min! This is not polluted because its protected, I just hope it remains like that in hundred years maybe? This water is going to a bay that’s why there are fish living in the lagoon.

Enchanted River is quite crowded of tourists coming from different parts of Mindanao including me and him. Bryan was the one who enjoyed it a lot because he loves to swim in deep surfaces. He should thank me because I braved to do this for him lol!

And to complete our team of exploratory is Rhea.

Enchanted River entrance fee: P30.00
Address: Talisay, Hinatuan Surigaon del Sur
Ask locals for directions
Expect a roller coaster of ride ;-)

Tokyo Tokyo in Cagayan de Oro

Dear Cagay-anons, you don’t need to travel to Manila anymore to taste Tokyo Tokyo Japanese dishes because they are finally here in Cagayan de Oro! Isn’t that a wonderful news? We will have the opportunity to bring our family and friends to something new and Japanese oriented fast food in the city. Tokyo Tokyo is conveniently located at 2nd floor Limketkai Mall. Brace yourself for affordable bento meals and sumo meals (which is good for 2). Imagine in less than 300 pesos you can already share this to your date! Plus with a twist of Japanese culture! Yay your date will definitely melt. So if you want to experience a bit of Japanese culture, hop in to the latest food indulgence in the city – Tokyo Tokyo.

I dined in Tokyo Tokyo in Manila when we had a short vacation there last May so when the news came out that Tokyo Tokyo is opening in Limketkai I was thrilled because we will finally have this store near to us Mindanaoans. Simply wow! The Limketkai branch is 2nd in Mindanao (first in Davao last September).

The food chain is in 30 years of business and after 30 long years they finally opened its doors in Mindanao. What? we have to wait for 30 years before it came over here? hehe. Lucky us! They have over 50 branches all over the Philippines particularly in National Capital Region.

Sumo meals includes pork tunkatso, prawn tempura, beef misono and read iced tea and unlimited rice you can eat (good for 2 persons). On the other hand, the bento meal offers different dishes you can choose and customize. Choose among the bestseller meals combined with miso soup, veggies, dessert in one meal with red iced tea and rice all you can.

November 29, 2012 is the date for its grand opening in CDO.  Cdobloggers was chosen as one of media partners in launching the branch. We are happy to be among the first people to went inside the store to experience their cuisine and making Maki.

On the pre launching night (Nov. 28, 2012), the chef presented this demo:

We enjoyed rice meals and Japanese dishes, my personal favorite is the one with rainbow color Maki. And the beef misono that I tried first in Manila. Well, I haven’t forget why its my favorite. It’s tender and saucy :)

Prawn tempura

Authentic Milk tea at P60 only, yey! A new addition to faves.

Yokoso to Cagayan de Oro Tokyo Tokyo and D?mo arigatogozaimashita for the invitation :)

Soon this store will be full of customers….

Tokyo Tokyo Limketkai

Bigby’s Restaurant and Missy Bon Bon’s Exciting News

Hey guys, I bet you are already aware of the opening of Centrio’s Ayala Mall in Cagayan de Oro City this coming Nov 9, 2012! I can sense the excitement in your head :) To add the thrill, our 2 favorite food chain is offering something to its consumers for their branch opening at Centrio. Brace yourself for this exciting news!

Come home to Bigby’s – This is the latest tagline of Bigby’s cafe and Restaurant, wondered why? Because we will be welcomed with a homey interior and ambiance where they will offer sala sets (like in a house) and other stuff in their new branch at the Centrio mall so we better watch out for that. What’s more interesting is they will give Go Lite Rack-a-bye-baby ribs to the first 100 who will win in their investigative test entitled ‘Who ate my ribs’. Join this contest to win this tasty ribs on the opening in Centrio Ayala by following the story in their fb page. Get ideas and follow the mystery there! But first see the slideshow below.

As for Missy Bon bon, the home of gelato goodies, is also offering a challenge yet wonderful experience because of the prices you can win. Missy bon bon lovers and gelato funk here is your chance to get a one year supply of gelato (*drooling*). Run and become the first customer of Missy Bon Bon on the opening on Nov 9 at Centrio Ayala. Yes, that simple hehe. Make a plan starting now to become the first one. Don’t worry if you become the second customer you will get a 6 month supply of gelato ( I know you’re thinking already how to win) The 3rd one will get 1 month supply of gelato, awww great deal!


So on Nov. 9, you already know where to go :)

On the launching of these promos, CDObloggers enjoyed a sumptuous dinner at Bigby’s Cafe and Restaurant last October 12, 2012. I’ve always been a fan of Bigby’s and Missy Bon Bon, I’ve blogged them before so when there’s an invite from Bigby’s I needed not to think twice, I joined.

Here’s the happening and the announcement during the promo launching at Bigby’s cafe and restaurant Limketkai. Fed with food and laughter I had a great time. The baby back ribs haven’t lost the rich flavor through the years teehee. Our 4th plate of baby back ribs on the table, that is how big our appetite was:

We also had these mouthwatering dishes:

Cookies and Cream Cheesecake (for our dessert). Yeah I break rules, I ate cakes again. I was tempted :)

Midnight Dream cake (2nd dessert)

Quesadillas This one is filled with yummy cheese, I can’t get enough.

Super Duper Spaghetti!

Yay I got me a gift certificate! Excited to use this for my next visit. Thank you Bigby’s :)

Random pictures below during the event.

CDObloggers with Bigby’s President

With my date

Don’t forget to mark your calendar. Join now!

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