GARNIER Light Complete – How it Complements my Lifestyle Change

This year, I have huge changes in my lifestyle. I have changed my diet and I have seen the changes of my weight when I turn away from processed foods. Thankfully, I have stayed with this commitment. Not only in the food that I have changed but also with the cosmetics that I use. I am aware now that my skin (as largest part of the body) absorbs everything we apply to it. This year I avoided harsh and strong chemically produced cosmetics as I am afraid of their effects on my body once they are collected. I even avoided lipsticks and apply occasionally only.

These changes in my lifestyle pushed me to look up for natural products. When I go to personal care products section, I always read the product’s labels first (it’s like a habit). It is my conscious effort to make sure that at least I’m using natural ingredients. Toxins are dangerous to our body so we have to be careful with them.

Despite my fear of chemicals, it is still my goal to look pretty and have fair skin so I searched for the best natural skin products that suit my needs. I am naturally morena and have that dark complexion. I have no complaint about my complexion as I am happy with it , what I wanted is to have a smooth and healthy looking skin. With the use of Garnier Light Complete Multi Action, my skin doesn’t just turned out smoother but has clearer results.




Lemon is naturally good for skin that is why I am enthusiastic to learn that Garnier’s main ingredient is lemon. You can tell by the way it looks, it look so lemon ayt? The smell is very enticing and its texture is very smooth that its addictive to apply. I’ve been using Garnier Whitening Moisturizer for quite a long time now. I can say I am satisfied with it.

garnier light complete cream

Garnier Light Complete has 2 main components which are pure lemon essence and salicylic acid derivative. They are both gentle to the skin for lightening. So as you rub Garnier cream you will not feel any harshness of it.

Here is a picture of happy me using Garnier Light Complete Multi- Action Whitening Cream. For me it is the best whitening moisturizer because you get results in no time and is gentle on skin. It has UVA/UVB properties so it lets you enjoy your time under the sun without worrying about your skin. Garnier keeps it healthy and protects it from harmful rays of the sun. Where else could you get that?

garnier cream

This moisturizing cream plays multiple roles for your skin:

-It keeps it fair
-Fades out acne and dark marks- All day oil control
- Shine-free look

I have dark marks on my face but my Garnier keep them at bay. It covers the marks perfectly making me feel confident any day! I even have the Garnier Light overnight whitening peeling cream so I have a good pair in handling my skin needs. They work hand in hand for me.


This cream is everything you need. It is affordable and you can save a lot because it acts as moisturizer and lightening cream. You will not get any cream like this in the market in affordable price but of high quality. Again as I’ve mentioned above I like this one as it is naturally derived! The smell, the texture, it’s lemon!

Girls rejoice! Try Garnier now and see the difference in your life! Like their fb page here.

Take care Garnier!


Bigby’s Cafe and Missy Bon Bon’s Latest Promo

Brace yourself for another exciting news from Bigby’s Cafe and Restaurant and Missy Bon Bon. They are having a promo and new recipes that will surely satisfy that sweet tooth of yours. Bigby’s cafe will give you the chance to win Apple’s Ipad Mini, follow the mechanics of the contest below. Beat the heat of the summer by sipping Bigby’s latest fruit shake flavors, or go to a movie date when you get a free certificate (if you purchase P1000 worth of items from Bigby’s).

The sweetest news from Missy Bon Bon is they are having new shakes in town, I’d like to try the king nut as I’m a biggie on nuts (almonds, peanuts, walnuts you name it). Just wondering what nuts they are using, is it pistachio? And also the berry heaven please because we all know that berries are good for the heart.

You may also join the gelatorama party of Missy Bon Bon, all you have to do is complete the gelatorama coupon and you’re in! Such a delicious treat for gelato lovers on their 3rd anniversary.

Anyhow, here’s how to join the Bigby’s contest:

its-more-fun-at_bigbys (back)


its-more-fun-at_bigbys (front)



wednesday-movie-date (centrio only)



Electrolux HUSH Happier at Home

I am writing this on a Sunday while the sun is up and a good smoothie would be a perfect pair while watching a movie inside the house to stay away from the scorching heat of the sun. Unfortunately I don’t have a shake right now. :-( We all want relaxing weekends, well who doesn’t? What’s your ideal relaxing weekend? Most of the time, I would opt to just stay at home on a Sunday. I would start my day with a fresh lemon juice and drink it while immersing to the new sunshine of the day. Simple pleasures in life!

On my next weekends I plan to wake up to a refreshing drink! And that is apple and carrot juice. Wonder why? It is loaded with detoxifying elements that washes away the toxins in my bloating tummy plus it is loaded with vitamins essential to our body (talking like a health buff here :) This is a better choice in my life now. I especially need this juice to awaken me up and start my day right.

To prepare this juice/shake I would need to get up earlier, gather the ingredients, and turn on the blender. And the whole neighborhood woke up to the alarming sound of my blender!!! That would be a nightmare, its not on top of my list to disturbed others while I make my own leisure – fruitshake. So I dig up the internet to look for the best silent blender. Now I have here my wish at the moment. Please somebody give it to me. This would be part of my changing lifestyle. My newly discovered Powermix Silent Blender of Electrolux. As I read through the reviews, I become more impressed with the appliance. First thing I was looking for is a silent blender, the Powermix is not only just silent but also a good choice to blend all your fruits/veggies. Take a look, it is sturdy and durable. It has a sound reduction system and vibration reduction system so everything you put there would go smoothly. No hassles, no pressures.

Electrolux Powersilent Blender 2

Electrolux Powersilent Blender Jar 2

Electrolux Powersilent Blender Vortex Force

An efficient and reliable one! How happy would I be if I can sip my favorite fruit shakes/juices without leaving the home. Weekends would be much better to share with family. Here’s a proof that I am a fruit shake/smoothie lover!


Moving on, Weekends for me is also a chance to instant detoxification. It means removing the clutters around the house so everything I see is in order, less stress, less dusts, more vitality in life! How do you do that? I start with piling up my things then carry on with sweeping the floor, mopping, scrubbing, dusting off manually using my conventional duster, etc. But this cleaning process is tiring and would take longer. My aim to having a relaxing weekend would be sacrificed if I continue this cleaning method. I dig up again with the help of Mr.Internet to find the best vacuum. I wanted a silent one too as I wouldn’t want to disturb the sleep of my sister in the afternoon. (She can only sleep long during the weekend as she’s busy throughout the week in school.) Viola, I found this – Electrolux Ultra Silencer Vacuum! Just what I thought would be perfect. Electrolux answered my prayers. It is made from 50% recycled plastic. Consumes up to 40% less power, making it the most eco friendly vacuum cleaner in the market. To those switching to green life, this one is a good to go.

Electrolux Ultra Silencer Vacuum


Electrolux Ultra Silencer Vacuum 2

With this Electrolux Ultra Silencer Vacuum, I can do more in life. I can have a relaxing weekend like going swimming, doing yoga, a quiet facial treatment and reading books. Ahh! life could get better with electronic cleaners like this. Not just a cleaner but very helpful to achieve a relaxed life.


These are the best things about spending a quiet and relaxing weekend at home, you can enjoy your quiet moment while enjoying the simple yet high quality of life. These appliances sure makes life easier and comfortable. This year I look forward to having these 2! I am positive that I can and I claim it!

Make sure to read Electrolux Philippines Official Website & follow them here – Electrolux Philippines Twitter

John Ford Coley and David Pomeranz Concert

Feb 8, 2013. John Ford Coley and David Pomeranz had a joint concert at limketkai atrium, Cagayan De Oro City. It was a night full of love songs from the 80′s and 90′s. They performed singly because they are two different singers. I mean they have different styles and songs. We grow up hearing David’s wedding songs like king and queen of hearts, born for you, on this day, got to believe in magic,  and among others.

Both guy would joke about their age, but the wrinkles only brought wisdom and passion on their singing career. It is visible on their performance how they love to entertain their fans through singing and sharing stories in the middle. They both express love for the Philippines that’s why they would come back to the country frequently. While David would sing love songs, John Ford on the other hand would encourage tapping our feet and clapping our hands as we sang together with his not so heartbreaking songs like It’s Sad To Belong, We’ll Never Have To Say Goodbye Again, What Can I Do With This Broken Heart, In It For Love, Love Is The Answer, What’s Forever For and more.  I do love John Ford Coley’s style of music because of the fast and slow beat. Is it called slow rock? I can’t identify the genre. I can always follow the songs though I’m not familiar with lyrics. I find it relaxing to listen in the evening.

John Ford Coley singing to us ‘I’d Really Love To See You Tonight’. With the lights choreography, you can’t help but be amazed.

And behold! The two singers made a duet singing one of my fave bands – The Beatles’ ‘Twist and Shout. Everybody went wild.

The whole concert experience was magical and I shall say I was immersed to different forms of love but it all come to one truth that love happens to every person no matter where we are coming from.

Flawless Centrio Launching with General Luna Band


One of the premiere skin care clinic in the Philippines has finally arrived in Cagayan de Oro City. Flawless is now serving and ready to transform your skin into a youthful and healthy looking one. Flawless is now 10 years in service with their branches from National Capitol Region. For those of you who are having skin problems, go to their clinic for free consultation. Yes, that is correct. The doctor can give you free advice what package or treatment you should undergo. Are you suffering from acne? or scars that built another scars to your confidence? Or do you want to achieve smooth and clear complexion? Lucky for the Kagay-anons because Flawless can help you turn these skin nightmare into a wonderful reality. Get rid of your skin problems now, jump your way to Flawless.


Flawless Centrio had their formal clinic launching at Centrio Activity Center last Dec 5, 2012 with special guests from Manila, no less than the fab rock and roll ladies of General Luna! They rock the event with heart-thumping songs they originally composed. Happy to have one of their CD’s and able to see them on skin. Speaking of skin, they have flawless and clear complexion. Oh well what do you expect, they are being taken cared of FLAWLESS! These girls are good example of talent and beauty!

flawless centrio



general luna album

general luna

general luna

general luna



flawless centrio

At the event, Flawless franchisee has spoken to welcome the viewers and the guests. It was a great event for the bloggers as media partners. We were given some giveaways from Flawless. I got a whitening package which I am happy about. I used it last December, I noticed my pimples sprouting out (I guess that’s the function so bacteria will not build up in my face) I got horrified to see it on the mirror so I stopped using the cream and soap. Since the soap and cream can be used for body, I use it for body parts instead. I noticed the part I am applying it to has become smoother. That’s an honest observation!

This is the Flawless Skin Whitening Cream I am using now. The cream has a solid texture and white in color.

flawless whitening cream

The package also comes with whitening toner and whitening soap.

CDObloggers with the Flawless franchisee. Check the flawless services here.

cdobloggers centrio

Start the Year Right with SULIT.COM.PH

start the year right with sulit

Hey guys, where do you usually shop online? There’s a trusted name when it comes to shopping online, no hassles, smooth transaction and legit items to purchase. When I say reliable online shopping in the Philippines I can only remember one online store and that is They have been with us for 17 years already offering us great service! So if you’re planning to surprise your loved ones and friends for a gift, look no further but go to this online store, you will be welcomed with varieties of items from gadgets, personal needs, electronics to clothing. All the things you are looking for you can get it here at Sulit. You can choose from different items according to your taste, preference of color, size, type, and other standards.Well to get what I mean, you better check the website now.

At Sulit, regular customers can also sell. Because it is a buy and sell website, you can also get a chance to get an online business and make Sulit the avenue for your success online.  Register at their website and start selling now.

I was once a seller at Sulit, I helped my Uncle sell his van. It was a success! There were many interested buyers, I was so busy accepting calls and inquiries. Some questions are very technical about the van, so I end up studying it a bit. It was a great experience to sell online I was able to meet some gentlemen.

sulit profile


A simple girl like me wants simple things in life to kick off a new year 2013! And yes I have a wishlist that I really want to get this year. There’s only one place I know where to go to have all these things I wanted –

I don’t usually show my wishlist online and published it anywhere because I am too shy to let everybody know about it. And shame on me if I didn’t get them and only left as ‘wish’. I know I have to do something to put these material things at home and call as mine! Enough of the prolonging here they are:

 1. It has been a long time dream to have this cutesy pinky bag. This new year, I wanted to carry this bag around the city.

2. New year could mean new activities. I can make use of this bike roaming around the subdivision to get some fresh air.

 3. For the room, so I can get a cozy rest and beat the insomnia. This year, I aim to have more relaxing nights.

4. Simply because I don’t have a decent running shoes yet. In connection with the bike above, this is to get me moving.


5. New year also means new direction. I’m directing myself to healthy foods. I want to make healthy smoothie and offer them to loved ones with this blender.

sulit blender

 6. In addition to the blender, I am opting to grill my foods to reduce oil in my diet. Grilling foods also doesn’t require much time and preparation.

sulit grill

7. After grilling, my foods will be looking for some place to hide. This is perfect room for them, I think so. This will help me organize things. And that means less stress and mess.  A good way to start the year right?

pyrex sulit

8. Summer would come any minute I want to wear this on a beach for a change. Yeah we always wanted some changes on a new year.


9. To make me appear tall, this orange sandal would help me reach higher (well literally hehe)


10. This is elegant with animal print.I don’t know why I’m attracted to animal prints lately.


How about you? What do you want this year? You can always tell me, maybe we can do something to turn them into reality. The good news is we can! Go on share it with me (I shared mine first, it’s your turn now)

Get a chance to win P10,000 worth of gifts certificates from by placing your list of 10 wishes below. In the comment box you should include the item name you want and the url where it can be bought. Just comment on and fill it up with your facebook profile url and you are now entitled 1 entry for a raffle.  You could get lucky this time! Join now, they will draw the winner this February 25. Will update you soon for developments. Remember: Five lucky readers will get P10,000 worth of GC’s each.

See this sample comment:

Grow your business or have a hassle free shopping online here at To get regular updates simply like Sulit Facebook Fanpage and make sure to follow them – Sulit Twitter account.

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