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Usually we spend a lot of time getting on a line for important matters like enrolling in a school, grocery shopping, paying for bills, transacting money, ordering in a fast food restaurant and among others. Wait what? We still spend a large amount of time in sending or claiming money sent to us by friends and families? This is a bit old fashioned and obsolete way of transaction. We live in a world where we require quick and instant results. Time is very precious, most of us would make schedules to get things done. But isn’t it annoying if we have to include ‘sending out of money’ to our schedule? That we have to wait for the long lines just to give out money to our love ones? If there is only a way to end this time consuming money transaction.

I have so many dreams in life (in which I keep for awhile) and have many plans too. Aside from that, there are simple things I do to keep me sane and normal. Those things include spending time with important people, drawing, being with nature, pampering myself with goodies and love! Ahh those are priceless moments. Just like me, you have important things to do whether personal or business. But would you allow remittance to be cumbersome and time-consuming? Don’t you think it’s about time to find a remittance service that won’t let security and time be sacrificed?

Imagine what I would be missing if I spend 1 to 2 hrs waiting in line just to transact money….
1 to 2 hrs is equivalent to these…

Drawing and be with nature (this is beside a seashore)

Reading a good book

Havin a good time with friends

These are some of the activities I do. Now I realize if I spend more time in remittance I would be less happy if I missed these simple pleasures in life.

I feel your sentiments,  you also want to get out of the long lines. Don’t worry guys, the answer to this problem is here! I found a new way to transfer or send money in an efficient and fast way! Introducing nTrust.

nTrust keeps you out in long lines with their service. nTrust is the first global network that lets you, your friends, and family send or receive money in a host of currencies, in any amount, at any time, anywhere on Earth — instantly. Isn’t that amazing? Plus it is only the platform that offers free transactions between you and other nTrust members. I’m already a member of nTrust so this is very beneficial to me once I send/receive money from a member so now I’m encouraging my friends/ family to sign up.

Whatever the amount, a hundred dollars or 25 cents, pesos or euros, down the block or overseas, go ahead and send it. Fast, cost effective and safe. nTrust use bank level encryption to protect your money so you can sleep better at night.


Your time is too valuable to spend waiting in long lines at the remittance office. Use nTrust to send and receive money quickly. It’s as easy as sending an email.

This photo was taken at Save More Cagayan de Oro  while people were lining up for paying the grocery items bought. If you want to avoid long line-ups go to nTrust.com.

Just like other remittance center, grocery means waiting too.

This photo was taken at Robinsons Cagayan de Oro  while people were lining up for paying the grocery items bought… If you want to avoid long line-ups go to nTrust.com.

Are you thinking how to remit money to the Philippines that is quick and safe? Apply for nTrust now and see the difference.

The next question that would probably pop up is how to transfer money to the Philippines using nTrust. Here’s the tutorial. Very easy to learn and apply.

First register online at nTrust.com, once done you will then log-in with this panel:

To send money, go to my vault and you will be prompt to add more details there.

Watch this video for a step by step instructions:

They provide complete instructions in their youtube channel to help you with ease, but signing up is really easy. Even a child can do.

So far I love the service! Convenient, fast and easy. Send money to the Philippines now. Try out nTrust, today!


Contact: yhan_lei(at)yahoo.com

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