Newest Nestle Yogurt Flavor

Nestle yogurt

What’s the latest Craze? You know how expressive I am with my loves for yogurt right? Going to grocery for me means taking 2 yogurts at home. Yogurt is a necessity for me, the taste and nutrition I can’t get enough of. Aside from grabbing a snack at yogurt parlor, the nestle yogurt can’t be skipped in my list to stock in my fridge. Enthusiastic to try the latest flavor of Nestle yogurt, I bring home the latest flavor of ube langka. The manufacturer is really creative to come up with this flavor, my love for yogurt intensifies because the taste is heavenly! The bits will melt in the mouth like a gummy bear. Thanks Nestle for giving me a reason to become more health conscious and be more loyal to your products. Will be on the look out for some more flavors to arrive in the market :)

I know you want to try :P

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