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As you may have known, yesterday was a special day to us. And we did a special treat for each other too! (without planning or sharing it). On my part, I am into learning new things though I suck big time to some technicalities specially in terms of computer related works I still tried my best to create a video for him. It’s my first time ever to do a video without a help from anyone, I just used the Windows Media Maker, and do a researched over the internet.  Wanna see the outcome? haha its too obvious that I’m such a newbie or noobs as they call it. Well I’m taking it one step at a time (Sounds like a song hehe). And know what I did for the first time again?


Yes that’s right, it’s my first time to upload videos in youtube too! I printed the screen on my email confirming that my uploaded videos are successful. :-) They also emailed on how to promote your videos.

I collected our old pictures ( old or shiny)  stored in my computer. You will notice we almost have the same collections of pictures lol. So when he presented his video I shouted out with delight cause we have the same idea (well what boyfriends/girlfriends are for). But you choose which is the better video between the two here. These pictures in the videos were taken a year ago when we just started going out. I know you will find the videos both cheesy and corny and so let the cornier video begins, made by yours truly:

Why I choose this song The man who can’t be moved? It’s because he is the one who introduced it to me and the meaning is direct and sweet. Mine’s boring video, it’s like presenting pictures in a slide show :P

Then here’s video that Bryan made for me :-) He used Cyberlink Power Director. I might install that application too so I could create better movie (still enthusiastic).

Why he choose this song? I don’t know why too! hahaha. That’s for me to find out.

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  1. venussmileygal says:

    You both made an excellent video ky na touch jud ko and envious at the same time hehehe… Ive seen your love story and at the same time na kilig…
    @Yani Bryan’s song on his video is very nice and sweet! You’ll be in his heart forever more… (heart)(heart)

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