My Favorite wedding Gown

Nothing special with this post, just want to share to you the wedding gown I found online that makes my heart beats a little faster from the very moment I set my eyes on it. Me likes! So much!!  Every woman has her dream gown, don’t tell me I’m wrong with this position. You have the ideal gown in your mind too. This one made me stare for it many times for I found it very unique and has this touch of Filipiniana dress. The protruding shoulder makes it catchy (don’t know what’s the right term for this :-P) . Modern style at the lower part but has this traditional laces and see through on the upper part. Now let the images do the talking.

Wedding gownfilipiniana dress

Wedding gown

Me likes the fluffy feathery texture. With that being said, see the gown in different views.

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