My Blog Got its First Milestone

This is a bit late entry but I have to write it online because this is an important event not only to me but also to my blog women inspirations. I do write about food reviews and I am a frustrated travel blogger too. Whenever I have the time, I put some love into this blog and enter my present emotions here. Though I’m not good enough in writing, I try to express myself with no doubts and with real emotions (but as much as possible, I keep the negative ones only to myself and not spread it here). Whenever I love or like something, I share it. So here goes the story, if you have been following this blog you might as well read my blog entry about kiwi swirl. One day, kiwi swirl contacted me though the comment form in my entry. I was ecstatic to read the words written there because they are inviting me to get my free cup of yogurt due to blogging their business. The effort has been paid off! I can see now where my efforts go, I can say now that there are persons reading my blog. And to get an award is like WOW! I’m like a real blogger. lol! I’m following some bloggers and I get some tips from them. I drooled over these bloggers who goes out to restaurants to taste some foods for free of course and blog their experience. They traveled with sponsors, make themselves feel better by using products freely given to them. Oh well, that’s how lucky they are now. But they worked hard for it and they are worthy to achieve it.

So this is what I’m bragging right now, enjoying my free cup of yogurt because of blogging:

Thanks to kiwi swirl. I’m crossing fingers that sooner or later more offers will come. But before that I have to blog real hard :)

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