MexiTalian Cuisine

mexitalian cuisine

Looking for a Mexican or Italian cuisine? It is literally hard to find a cafe that offers a nice place to lay back after work  while savoring an appetizing snacks. There’s a hiding yummy cuisine in Xavier Square, Masterson Avenue called Mexitalian Cuisine. Just ask the security guard where it is when you arrive at the square, they are willing to point it out to you.

The place is kinda small but is enough for small group gatherings.


On the table were pizza and penne pasta, the right recipe  for a pasta lover like me.

penne pasta

Quattro Stagioni pizza


Pictures would be complete with the eater on it, lol!





They served well respectable snacks, pasta lovers would definitely come back for more. There is  something though that is disadvantage about their business, their location. It’s far from the heart of the city and customers cannot access them easily. I hope they will open a branch nearer to us :D

Contact: yhan_lei(at)


  1. pam says:

    hello just want to ask.. do you know the new location of mexitallian? i heard they transferred to another location. please let me know if you have idea.

    Thank you so much!

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