Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus

So what do you expect if these two worlds meet?

There would be clashings and bombardings.

But I find it pretty amazing that even though men and women have different worlds apart, they still find each other attractive.

There are things that hinder men from blending in to a woman’s world. I’m not complaining about it but I find it magical that God made us differently but still find others interestingly that’s why we try to mingle and conquer others world.

If you are a guy you would probably rant about women’s stuff like doing some make up, shopping, the dysmenorrhea thing, girl’s hang outs, the girly get-ups! Am I right? And you would have almost cried out waiting for your girl to finally come out from her room after fixing herself for almost an hour. Yes I’m right again! But does the wait worth it? Giving a little patience for your girl makes her feel appreciated and loved and also could give her a sense that you are supporting her through her interest. After all, she’s making herself appear more beautiful for you. That would make you smile then.

And when you do shopping do you usually give that mocking face to your girl because she cannot decide what to buy? For us girls, it’s a common thing that we are choosy. We try to pick the things we buy that suits to our taste, we don’t pick them because we are in a hurry, we pick them because we love them. I admit that it takes time for me to choose what to buy that’s because I make sure that I can really use it for a lifetime haha. Guys please be patient more, girls would love it if you were there helping her to choose out rather than finding you at the other department mumbling.

Girls need girlfriends. There are times that girls really needs some help and pouring out to a girl. Don’t make second thoughts that we don’t want to be with you, just a simple fact that we misses some time alone with our girlfriends. Sometimes they are the ones who can understand our feelings.

And when a woman doesn’t approach you, that don’t mean that she has given up, it just means she wants you to initiate, after all you’ll be a future father and you’ll end up leading a family. It’s the right time to practice and lead the two of you to the right path.

I know you have some reactions for these things I have written and kinda protest. Don’t worry you have your own time, comment up and I’ll listen to your position. (assuming I have many readers ^-^)

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