Magnum Ice Cream – New to the Philippines

Summer’s fast approaching I can’t deny. Here’s the latest “IN” this summer. Magnum ice cream, who finally entered our country’s ( Philippines) market.

Magnum ice cream is one of today’s leading ice cream brands in the whole world selling billions of units every year.

Due to its consecutive advertisement and promotion, no one can tell Filipinos might be craving for it the whole time. Filipinos¬†was really captivated by its unique design and curious of the ¬†”the royal treatment” experience.


I have seen this post somewhere, and I think I really need to share this with you guys. This really made me laugh.. I can say I’m already one of the member! Where can I get my I.D?? I’m wondering.. Hahahahaha..

im currently studying, college freshman to be exact. im totally enjoying every second of my life... yes im a teenager.. id like to drop things when its messy then starts all over again. i believe that everything do happen for a reason and believe's on signs and hoping fairytales do come true... il regret nothing for sure.. by the way im the sister of Yani Lea Briones, the Admin of this blog :)..

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