Loreto’s Grill

Loreto's Grill

Loreto’s Grill offers entertainment while waiting for foods. Their table mat looks like this. You can spend time looking for the arranged words hidden at the puzzle.


They also have a widescreen TV and acoustic singer to serenade their customers. By providing these entertainments, their customers would unlikely get bored. Christmas décors are also widely spread out at the place.

Loreto's Grill

A view from our table


I super love my hot squid, very tasty.

hot squid

Bryan’s fave recipe beef teriyaki

beef teriyake

And our appetizer…. Guess what’s this?

onion rings

Looks like calamares right?. It’s onion rings. Weird taste! I can never sometimes adjust my taste buds with food choices of Bryan so I just took a few.

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