Lokal Grill and Seafood

Lokal Grill and seafood

I’ve expressed last time that everyday should be a celebration of love. Never fail to celebrate love with all the people who mattered to you. Bryan and I has this tradition of trying out new things and dining out. This time, we tried the new Lokal grill and seafood at Coralles Avenue. Simple dinner it was but truly amazing.

For those who loves seafoods like me, hurray! We found a great house of seafoods at Lokal. They offer varieties of seafoods to grill if you choose them to from fish like tanigue to squids to shrimps, name it and they have it. You can opt to order from their menus that has this irresistible taste. Like these servings we ordered:

Chop suey

Chop suey is an all time favorite

Tempura kare kare

Bryan’s most awaited part of dinner as he bluntly told me is the Tempura kare kare, compose of calamares, squid and some veggies.

We became full the minute we devour these bowls of tasty foods.


Take a look at how large this shrimp is compared to the usual size.

Healthy and satisfaction guaranteed, that’s what I can say about their servings.

Plus their place gives a relaxing ambiance.

lokal grill and seafood lokal grill
a view from our seat
yours truly.. Thank you baby for making me smile
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