Liposuction: a solution to women’s frustration?

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Most of women get so frustrated with the extra fats they are carrying along with their tummy. I admit it as a burden myself, it is oftentimes disturbing. Women would want to try anything to hide these shameful fats by wearing horizontal stripes dresses or the dark ones. Sometimes, we get entangled of looking for the best way possible to get rid with this body shape problem.

One of the highly priced solutions of such common problem is liposuction. Liposuction is the surgical removal of fat cells through a stainless steel suction tube called a cannula. I often heard this operation attached to celebrities and highly recognized people in the community who can afford to go through with such process.

People who undergo with this kind of body enhancement are obviously in great shape, I mean at the outside look. If I didn’t figured out earlier that a person is maintaining liposuction, I would be no wonder amazed of their ‘gifts’ but upon knowing that that is because of liposuction, I began a second thought. It is for me an artificial or faked.

I was trying to figure out what could be some side effects of liposuction.

Some of the serious problems are: nerve problems, tissue perforations, severe and prolonged edema, constant pain, blotchy skin, seromas, third spacing, fluid shifts, cardiac fluctuations, thromboembolisms (bloodclots mainly in the legs), scaring, infections and more.

One true side effect documented in 2002 in approx. 45% of patients is a 1 to 2 cup breast increase. As beneficial as that may be it is barely ever noted by the surgeons, and if that’s what you don’t want then its a problem. Also as stated previously yes the major complaint is unevenness, or dimpling. Which although not serious is often a problem, which can be taken care of with a smaller cannula.

Two diseases may occur after liposuction. The first one is Pulmonary Thromboemboli-a blood clot to the lungs. The second one is Fat Emboli- a fat in the blood vessels.

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  1. Ko'Ko says:

    This blog was very informational about liposuction. I am one of the women that has that belly fat, and although I believe Im beautiful, I just wish that “pooch” would leave. I’ve never considered liposuction but in the beginning of this blog I was interested, then going twords the end I rather look up some health and fitness tips…lol.

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