Le Bunny Bleu Romantic Vintage Shoes I found at ‘Ukay-ukay’

My old boardmate back in Iligan City visited me at my place, she was looking for beddings as she was relocating in CDO now. I am in a helpful mode so I go with her and considered that as a perfect time to have a long talk. But the truth is I also wanted to refresh some memories in college. We had fun though ukay-ukay stalls are a bit cloudy with unpleasant smell. We hurdle the array of display and viola we found the things she need. We are headed home at 6:00pm when we noticed shoes displayed outside. We came near to it and satisfied our eyes until my eyes caught onto something cutesy! Since it’s just below my feet, I went on to fit my right feet. Wow, it fit well! I asked for the price and it is only offered for P220, I haggled and we agreed to have it for P200 haha. Wise buyer ei? At first I thought it was not a good find since I cannot clearly see it because it’s getting darker around. I even thought nobody liked this since nobody bought it until I found it. Whatever, I brought it at home. I love the ribbon, the color, the comfort, and the fact that it is a romantic vintage gives a thrill and excitement. And would you believe that it’s my first doll shoes? I’m not a shoe person, I go on with sandals and something with heels because of my friggin height. But not insecure with it anymore hehe, I just wanted to stand out taller lol. So when this Le Bunny Bleu appears I grabbed it. I cannot resist the cuteness! It’s like I saw the shoes I’m looking for my whole life waaah so exaggerated.

The next thing I know I wore it for an important appointment. Yeah, it feels so weird why am I even blogging about it. So I looked for more info about the shoes to express my interest. This is what I found:

For their location, see http://www.lebunnybleu.co.uk/pages/store-location

Le Bunny Bleu specializes in Romantic & Vintage Style women’s flat shoes that include: Ballet Flats, Slip Ons, Oxfords, Sandals, Fashion Sneakers, Rain Boots and Wool Boots.

Their website can be found at http://shop.lebunnybleu.com/. If you visit them you will be welcomed with colorful shoes with different designs. But they are sold a bit pricey compared to my find. The original price ranges from P2000 to P5000 (£31.00 to £60.00). I have converted some of their prices for your convenience. So as you can see, I saved a lot at ‘ukay-ukay’ ;-)

So here’s my pics wearing the shoes:

Contact: yhan_lei(at)yahoo.com

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