Kiwi Swirl

Looking for a place to chat with friends while keeping the conversation healthy? What I mean is that when there are gatherings, we Pinoy have these  trend to include variety of foods in our table to keep the conversation going and make it more exciting! I found the right place, and you don’t have to go crazy over ice cream because there is a healthier option- yogurt! Health buff, this could be the right place for you. Kiwi Swirl is located at Gazebo Home Store Café at the corner of Don Apolinar Velez and Gaerlan Streets.

Now you can enjoy your yogurt during the  night! They are open till 10 in the evening. They have varieties of toppings to choose from depending on your mood.

I’ve been there three times and these pictures here are taken during my first visit. I was supposed to order Merry Berry flavored yogurt but they are out of some berries so we manage to just put anything on the top, just for experimenting purposes but in the end it tasted real good.

I think plain yogurt in cup is sold at P60 in small size. I paid around P100 to P120 for a cup with toppings already. And it’s all worth it because of the benefits we can get from it.

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  1. Angel says:

    Hi, thanks for your blog abt Kiwi Swirl. Do drop by for a free cup of frozen yogurt at Kiwi Swirl. Visit our Facebook page and contact me. Keep Swirling!

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