Kan-anan by the Sea, Talisayan Misamis Oriental




Kan-anan by the Sea is a simple restaurant that houses fresh meats without feet (if you know what I mean). It is a home of fresh, sumptuous seafoods cooked in a Filipino way with a touch of a mother’s love. It feels home, it feels like you taste the cooking of your own mother. We always look for the smell, aroma of house cooking when we got home and experiencing ‘Kan-anan by the Sea’ answers this longing!

Who doesn’t love a break from a monotonous lifestyle? Having our long road trip was a quick escape from the city life. Talisayan, Misamis Oriental offers a provincial feel, relaxing view and appreciation of a simple life. The fresh air galloping to our weary faces is such a bliss! The scenery is splendid, like a Monet painting.

On our way to Talisayan, we have read print ads of a famous and old seafood resto named Nita’s. So we looked for its location, even the locals would recommend Nita’s when we asked for directions for seafoods. And yes! The best part of traveling is getting lost! We didn’t find Nita’s soon ( or didn’t cared if its Nita’s), we ended up in ‘Kan-anan by the Sea’  (Foodhouse along the sea) as we are super hungry and excited to satisfy each of our stomachs. We stopped earlier as soon as we see a seafood house. Not bothered to check if its Nita’s. We stepped out from the car and settled down. Ahhh! the smell of the sea welcomed us!


We got inside and a wave of seafoods welcomed us! We chose the style of cooking and the kind of seafoods to enjoy. Then reality hit us, it was not Nita’s place haha! So I was tralala, I asked the cook if we can order from Nita’s and still order from the resto. And he declined with confusion. I was thinking maybe they are helping each other as neighbors. Was really thinking they can corporate their dishes, you know the Filipino province way. But business is business, they are different entity. Well I laugh at what I thought.


And so we wait for awhile, entertained ourselves with the pictures we just took from Mantianak Zoological and Botanical Park. The waitress has this system where they only served the foods when all of the orders are cooked. Not in a way where we have to wait long for another one to arrive. We enjoyed all of them in one time. Pick this, and that, and this, and that again. Slurp, slurp, it became silent for awhile and then the buzz started as we compliment the taste of foods. How we can steal the recipe, how we can visit the place from time to time, how we wish that its near to our place, that fresh seafoods are one of a kind, they cook deliciously, what could be their secret, is Nita’s better, and the talk goes on and on while are mouth is full. It all boils that to one thing, we are happy with the foods of Kan-anan by the sea. We talked about it a lot even on facebook photos.


On the table:

Large bowl of Sinigang Shells: Loaded with green onions and green veggies, this soup is so appetizing! I’ve consumed like 2 cups of rice :)


Sinugbang Danggit


Wow, what could be the secret of this grilled fish? The seasonings and veggies inside. The fish is kinda sweet, a sign of freshness. It’s really different to eat freshly caught and cooked seafoods. Its a healthy, yummy treat! The city doesn’t have this cooking.

Me, in a huge smile thinking ‘you’re mine, you’re mine’


Sinugbang Pusit / Grilled Squid


This is a simple dish as you can see in the photo, but its MIND BOGGLING how they are able to turn it into a very delightful dish. The softness, the sweetness with an edge of saltiness from the sea combines that created an impeccable seafood taste. I’m no chef or gourmet expert but this tasted wayyy better than other’s.

We had a wonderful experience and good time in general. If you are looking for lunch as you travel to Cagayan de Oro, consider exploring at Talisayan seafoods houses. Will gonna be back sooooon. Hope they still offer the same delicious meal next time :)

Reminder: This is not a painting, or photo backdrop.




Behold! the view from our table. The Philippines is such a beautiful country, we are so lucky to have these natural resources. People (government) just neglected these gifts, it was left unappreciated and underdeveloped. If only, these roads in Mindanao is developed. A train perhaps to let the passengers pass by the sea, what a progressive country it would be.


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