Justice Will Prevail but When?


My heart goes to all the families and friends of the Maguindanao massacre victims. I think that’s the saddest news I’ve ever heard this year. Imagine? Killing humans just because of selfish political ambitions. It’s not a teaching of God. That fact could break anybody’s heart. Aside from the killing happened in Maguindanao, what went more sad is to learn how bad people became just to get what they want.

Monday, Nov. 23 when the mass killings happened in Maguindanao. 100 armed men stopped the convoy of Mangudadatu while on their way to file for the candidacy of vice-mayor Toto Mangudadatu for governor in their province. Most person who went with the convoy is women because they believe they will not be harmed by their political rival as believed that in rido teachings, women are untouchables. But it went wrong this time, no life is spared. even the media men were killed. Now this makes Philippines the most dangerous country for journalist. Even I, became afraid of the country that I lived in, I feel no safe being here specifically in Mindanao. I think I cannot put my trust to politicians anymore and more so the government administration, I don’t really know what their motive is. Now that election is coming, I find it hard to pick the right person to vote for different government positions. I might sound pathetic here.

This problem need to be solved now, not later. I don’t know what is the next step that the president will take after announcing day of mourning yesterday November 25, 2009. I want to see more action about this than just talk and talk. Hope this will not be a dump case.

God bless Philippines!

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  1. Aetna Quote says:

    Our major issue in this country is our two political parties. Our forefathers knew that a two party system would be our downfall and took steps to try to stop this type of politics, and thus anyone who seriously thinks that politics isn’t corrupt or slaves to Corporate America hasn’t not been paying attention. George Jr. will go down in History as one of the worst administrations in history and I could go on for hours showing why, but my point is that the Obama administration has offered nothing different (besides health reform, granted) and has in fact continued nearly every single Bush program. Obama has almost the same political donors and thus has the same pressures as Bush did. Health reform will turn out to be the most expensive and destructive waste of tax payer money ever. I just wish I could offer a better alternative for other frustrated people, but I can’t and those that think that the tea partiers are the future, remember that Sarah Palin is an important figure to them.

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