Jude’s Birthday at Countryside Steakhouse

My one and only sister is spending her vacation here in Cagayan de Oro with me. So we had the chance to talk and have quality time to share just anything that’s happening in each lives. You know there are lots of things to catch up since we don’t have much time together since my college days. It’s very rare for me to get home back then for I have to spend an estimated of 6 hours to arrive home. Now, 3 hours ride from home is better than before.

Yesterday came her 15th birthday , we took her in the movie house and after that we dined in the Countryhouse Steakhouse in Limketkai. We enjoyed the foods they served. The place is cozy and it makes you feel you are in a home back in a countryside village.

Fisherman's platter
Fisherman's platter

Baby back ribs
Baby back ribs

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