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I’ve mentioned in my previous post that I am now a fanatic of natural / organic products. Organic products are more beneficial and healthier because of the produce used that are not being altered by chemicals. Chemicals, as we all know are harmful especially when absorbed in great amount by our body. I’ve made a new choice in taking care of my skin. My lotion is now from natural ingredients, chemical-free and paraben-free. My selfie pictures became dull after I became conscious with the cosmetics I use. I didn’t applied make up even lipsticks, afraid of the lead content of it. Yes, I’ve been through that stage. I avoided creams, lotions. My face was bare and pale then.

Living in the city can sometimes push us to live up to the ‘city life’, being ‘in’ and ‘fashionable’ are one of the trends most women has to follow. Yes, I want to stay clean from chemicals but doesn’t mean I have to stay away from cosmetics all the time. So I made a huge step in taking care of myself, I switched to natural products and now I have my natural lip plumper Iskin New York Lip Addict from Flawless Face and Body Clinic. Now I can get a shiny lippy without getting guilty of the toxicity content of the lip cosmetic.


I bought the Lip addict voluptuos lip plumper for P1250 at the Flawless clinic. It is exclusively distributed by Flawless so you won’t get it at other sources. As soon as I get the item, I tried it instantly and the first thing I really noticed is the taste which is a bit minty and strong but it offers a therapeutic feeling that would make you think its healing your ‘tired’ and ‘chemical-abused’ lips.

It is also very ‘light’. Do you noticed that kind of feeling as if your face is carrying a ton of make-up? Even when you’re only using lipstick. Well that’s odd!. The Iskin lip addict is definitely the bomb! It’s so light to feel like your face is naked.

I also like the color, it’s refreshing, natural-looking and say ‘teeny’! Yes, their colors can make you look younger. It comes in 12 shades, I chose the Mon Cherry.

Iskin LipAddict




Iskin Lip AddictIskin Lip Addict

I’ve been carrying this in my bag almost a month now, well so far so good. I just lather a small amount and I’m good to go! If I have to quicken up and brighten up the face, this one is my bestfriend. Not only that, I use this because it is really relaxing. The mint and smell. I just love it.



Here’s the ingredients of the lip plumper:

Iskin New York Lip Addict

This is the one I’ve been talking about, the Organic Moisturizing oils. Satisfied with the results using these oils.  Marine collagen and hyaluronic acid are responsible of the puoty effect on your lips.




First day of use at my home, face is bare,  only using the lip plumper here. No concealer, no powder (just defending the shine haha)



In general, I am happy with this purchase. Though it’s a bit pricey but if you are really determined to nourish your lips and give it a boost then this one is worth-it! It will last for months of use though. Now, I’m waiting to see for my lips to grow fuller. teehee, this is a plumper after all! So I’ll dream away :)

In Cagayan de Oro, Flawless Face and Body Clinic is located at 3rd Floor, Centrio Mall (Ayala).

Contact: yhan_lei(at)

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