Introducing the Latest Camera

Want to have a camera that captures creations inside the womb? It’s now possible today for technology set a new breakthrough by creating the newest high tech camera. A project by National Geographic Channel now uses high definition cameras to capture animals and embryos in the womb. Take note, not the human womb, okay?

Techniques included infrared and 4-D scanning techniques, as well as a host of realistic computer-generated models.
It is a staggeringly ambitious project, and one that has taken several years to make. As Jeremy Dear, head of development at Pioneer Productions, puts it, ‘Illustrating what goes on inside a living creature involves the very latest digital technology and innovative filming, combined with anatomically accurate models, to create the impression of really being in the womb.’
Now we’ll able to see fetal animals, please see pictures below




Maybe in the years to come, another project would develop, a camera applicable to human womb. How cool would that be? No need to use ultrasound machine for check up. Hmmm, dunno if that’s possible.

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