Iligan City Once Again

After almost three years, I came back to visit Iligan City last February 2011. The city where I took my college degree, the city where I gained friends and where I learned most the realities in life.

When I pass through the main road going to MSU-IIT,  a wave of nostalgic emotions awakened me. The pave ways where we used to walked to going home, the overpass where not most students used in transporting, the food house where we usually eat and the boardinghouse where I met the people I treasure and looking at the gate of my alma matter. I looked back with fear and excitement at the same time, remembering the tough professors and the warm friendships of classmates and acquaintances. They all contribute something in my life.

True that college is not an easy journey. It was a roller coaster ride of ups and downfall.  So when I visited the city, I walked with pride and even bragged about my school to Bryan.

My close friend Aireen was celebrating her birthday and she invited us over. Her family is always warm and treated us so well. They even took the time to tour us in the city and made sure that we enjoy our one day stay. I like their family because they are so close and there’s not a problem they can’t handle. I can feel that their relationships are tightly closed with God.

When we arrived, we are surrounded with bubbly and warm people. Plus the kids are so kulit and knows how to tickle bones of their friends. It’s always been a happy celebration and for the record, no boring or dull moment has occurred with them eversince I visited their home while I was in college.

Don’t you know that in my almost 4 year stay in Iligan City I haven’t visited the Maria Cristina falls? So they make sure we see it on Sunday as waterfalls will be released in full during weekends. Here’s few photos:

One of my favorite couples, Aireen and Marc. I look forward to see them as married couple hehe.

I’m with Aireen’s family, that cute 2 kids are Aireen’s lovely niece and nephew. So adorable! :)

After Maria Cristina falls sight-seeing, we dropped by at their park. They have a small crocodile park there and few other animals.

Me and my good friend Aireen at NPC fish pond.

After the Ma. Cristina falls tour, we dropped by and plunged into the cool pools of Timoga. If you go to Iligan, this must be the highlight!They have slides, statues to add adventure in your swimming activity.

It was a short vacation but really fun! Meeting my old friends again is such a nice feeling and visiting a familiar place is like home!

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