I Miss Blogging

Blogging is one of the ways of expressing my individualism. It is one of the things I love to do aside from reading and other stuff. But I’m caught up with work right now and other family affairs, this left me with no choice but made this blog untouched for awhile. Time is essential in blogging, it requires effort, maintenance and special attention. I can’t simply give it all at this time (sigh). I guess I have many excuses today. I get envious with other bloggers who make money through writing and they enjoy what they are doing. (No I’m not giving their names haha). But really, I wanted to earn money by just blogging. I read tips, I read ‘how to’s’ but I lack EFFORT. I have all the reason to be motivated but why can’t I act TODAY, RIGHT NOW???

I stored lots of ideas at the back of my head (silently planning entries) but why can’t I put them into writing. Sloth is a capital sin, I am reminded. I hate myself that I have more time facebooking rather than blogging. I punished myself sometimes by deactivating my account so I can focus on work. The secret is self-discipline. Hayyy I wish to go back to blogging. If compared to a baby, this blog is never far to malnourishment. Baby women inspiration, you are not forgotten. I’m sorry for neglecting you but I’m still here.

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