How to Curl your Hair

Here’s a simple guide on how to curl your hair quickly. All you need are the following:

1. Foam Hair Curlers/rollers (bought this at a Japanese store)

B. Round hair brushes

C. Hair Blower

D. Curl Defining Mousse

If you have natural born curly hair, this will work easily for you. If you have a straight hair, then you have to exert more effort to achieve the curls you want.

1. First clean your hair. After bath, blow it to dry using hair blower and comb.

2. When the hair is completely dry, apply mousse. Dispense mouse into palm and rub both hands, lather the solution from roots to tips. Distribute them equally using your fingers.

My hair after applying the mousse (never mind the facial expression hehe)

3. After applying I use the blower again so hair will absorb the solution/mousse. Here my hair is a bit dry.

4. Using the foam curler, I started to flip a part of my hair into this by inserting my hair into the middle then bend it upward:

Finally, connect both ends of the curler to make a circle and to hold the hair.

Do this procedure to other side of your hair. Leave the curler for 30 min to 1 hour.

After few min, the hair curlers are now unattached. I snapped a photo of it instantly without any retouches:

I dab more Finnese mousse onto hair so the frizzes will be minimized. And rearranged it using my finger (don’t use comb ok?):

One more picture and I’m ready to go:

I’m ready to see the world, lol! Hope you had fun learning my short tutorial. And do it for yourself too, it’s not bad to experiment :) Every time I do something like this, pampering and taking care of myself I get so energize to do my work. I become more inspired in life!

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