How to Create a 1980′s Look

I went back to the decade when I was born. I went back to the music and trend of the 1980′s for one day and it was fun! While the party is going on, I had a glimpse of how the 1980′s look like. Though I am familiar with the looks and style, I am in awe by the actual scenes of ’80′s. Yes, I attended a party that is themed after 1980′s retro. The preparation took me for three days, first day was spent on browsing the internet for get-up ideas, next day was looking over the mall to buy the accesories and dress needed. Third day was looking over how make-up was worn. And next day is finally the day of rocking the 80′s.

If you are wondering of how to create the 1980′s look, I have a list of tips that you might want to keep if you have the chance to attend a party with the theme:

1. Choose bright colors and neon ones. The famous colors include neon green, neon orange, purple, yellow and bright pink.
2. If you choose black like Madonna, go for the net and net stockings. Spice up with net or see-through skirt.
3. Gloves that are bright colors or net are great additon to the whole get-up.
4. Blouses are not tight and mostly off shoulder.
5. Leggings are either bright colored or black, consider animal prints too. For men, fold your jeans.
6. Use high-heeled black shoes or a stripe colorful warmer for your feet. Boots are good choice too.
7. For make-up, the eyes should be blue and mascara should be visible. Eyebrows are thick and bushy. Put a little red on your cheeks and color fuschia for lipstick.
8. Hair are tied on one corner of the head. If you want your hair down, make your bangs stand out. Why not choose a heavy curled hair.
9. Accesorize with circle and huge earrings or pearl. Colored rainbow bracelets are good additons. Your hands should be full of accesories.
10. If you are wearing black, use long silver necklaces. The more the better. But if you are wearing colorful dress, use colorful necklace too.
11. You may want to bring radio and put on some colorful ‘bandana’ on your head.
12. Shiny trousers or jacket is really 80′s. See Michael Jackson as an example.

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