How My One Week Looked Like

This I’ve been doing for a week and it seems to prolong the boredom I feel in life right now. My life is so scheduled and repetitive in which I definitely dislike. At 5:40 am I would wake up, take a shower, get dressed, and prepare for breakfast. Before 7:00 am, I walk 50 meters and reach a road and ride a vehicle to the office. At the office, I sit down and work, work, work till 3:00 pm strikes. And my work? It’s the never ending compilation of porn materials, who would be happy at the thought of it? Unless you’re a porn addict, this project would thrill you. As for me, I kinda want to protest about it .After duty, I’d go ahead back to home, boarding house actually but I’d prefer to call it a home. In one weeks time I almost memorize the banners and streamers along the way. Arriving home alone, I’d open the gate and welcome myself in. I’d sit for a while and decide to listen to music. Sometimes I’d nap and wake up at 4:30 – 5:00 pm. But that is rare to happen, when I’m not sleeping, I immediately go for a drink (milk) and prepare for supper, I eat supper around 5:30 to 6:00 pm. After fixing the kitchen, I’d fix myself, wash my face and all the stuff a woman do following her daily regimen. After that? It’s too early to go to bed, sometimes I do laundry and scrub the floor. When nothing is left to do, I would lie down and read a novel. Thanks to a friend who happily lends her books to me. And then my housemate would arrive also from their work, tired. We would chat for a while and get back to scanning the book I’m reading ,until I became drowsy and feel asleep. But before that I would prepare my bag for morrows work. I would wake up tomorrow with the same flow of scenes. Till one day while walking for home I was telling myself. This is so boring and so predictable. Isn’t it wrong to pray for challenges to come along? I feel so static. I want something new. I want some action in my life, something thrilling, suspense and mixed with drama. I want to worry sometimes, to think about something. “God, is it wrong to ask some changes in my life?”
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