How important is your Moisturizer?

I know its important to maintain a skin moisturizer into our beauty regimen as it keeps our skin blemish-free and radiant looking. I went to Watsons and stopped by many times to look for moisturizers and I was struck to found many brands of them. There’s celetique, garnier, nivea and more. I keep on reading their labels. My best friend Abby brought some moisturizer for me from Korea. I must admit it creates a healthy feeling into your face but since its about to went out I have to look for a moisturizer that is safe and that I could use for a lifetime.

You know Koreans, they are very meticulous when it comes to caring for their skin. And I understand though.

Here’s what my bestfriend brought as pasalubong for me, it’s arsainte eco theraphy their site can be found here

arsainte eco theraphy

Here’s what I found as I browse into the internet to find more info about moisturizers:

Some peopleĀ  claim that moisturizing keeps the skin from aging and creating wrinkles. It’s always better to prevent then to cure.

MOISTURIZING our skin is essential to maintain that ‘young, beautiful’ look. On another note, is it necessary to moisturize all areas of your skin? The answer is NO. Many models actually go to private ‘beauty’ classes to learn how, when and where to moisturize their skin.

Facial moisturizers keep the skin healthy and protect it from dryness in several ways. First they attract moisture deep into the skin cells, which keeps them juicy and plump. Second, they seal the moisture in with an occlusive coating and third, they help fill in the gaps between the skin cells, which keeps the skin’s function holding strong and firm. Moisturizers do not prevent wrinkles unless they contain sunscreen.

Beauty product reviews say the best way to soften wrinkles is by plumping the skin tissue and swelling it with water. Herbal moisturizers are easy to use, readily absorbable and should never burn or irritate. Elta moisturizer for the face conditions, protects and does not feel too greasy on the skin. Overuse of moisturizer is as bad as not using any. Too much moisturizer can lead to clogged pores and blackheads.

So, know your skin type, don’t be afraid to try many products before settling on one.

* Do not over moisturize as it can lead to clogged pores. Your forehead and cheeks tend to be the drier areas. There is no need to moisturize your chin if it is not needed.
* Most women misdiagnose their skin type. This can cause improper moisturizing. You also need to change your techniques of moisturizing with the changes of seasons.
* When using a moisturizer, always apply it to the skin in a circulatory motion. Pat your skin with the tips of your fingers gently as if playing a tune on a piano. This is also a great stimulant for your skin.
* Tired of buying moisturizers too often? Here is how to make them last longer. Use a small amount of natural vegetable oil as a base first. This will help make your moisturizer last much longer.
* Use a moisturizer as a base before applying your foundation. For best results, wait until the moisturizer is dry and then apply foundation. However, if your foundation is somewhat dry, then apply it right away, your moisturizer will help it to loosen up a bit.
* To get the best results from any of your facial products, rub it between your hands, this helps to heat it up, and hence, becomes easier to apply.

A basic law of beauty is that everyone, no matter her skin type, should moisturize. Even if your skin is oily, it will benefit from moisturizers. (The only exception is those with acne). Why? Moisturizers seal moisture into skin (Berg calls this the “Saran Wrap effect”). So how much should you moisturize? Your skin will tell you. When your skin is tight, it’s crying out for moisture. Be careful not to overmoisturize — this can clog pores.

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