Hinatuan Enchanted River

In Surigao del Sur, you will find a deep blue lagoon/river known as Enchanted River. Most tourists would drop by or visit the place after having fun at Tinuy-an Falls. I guess these two spots are perfect pair for nature tripping in Bislig City Surigao del Sur. Though they are quite far from each other, there are things that connects them. First, they are bodies of water, secondly they give similar joy to people wanting to escape from the buzzling streets of the city.

And so behold, the rich lush bordering the river…and the great landscape that mount beside it.

Here’s a preview of behaved people observing the serenity during the fish feeding session. Everyone pays respect for this important time for the creatures in the lagoon. They do this every 12:00 in the afternoon where they play a music to inform people of this local tradition.

And so after that everyone can go back to swimming and jumping!

Thank you God for providing Surigao del Sur a bountiful of seafoods. We indulged into calamares and grilled fish that you can smell the salt from the sea. It’s very fresh and engaging. We only paid P400 for a delightful meal, just wow! How I love the provincial feeling! Simplicity at its best.

We had much energy after lunch so we went back to the river, the water is very cold as expected. And yeah you are literally swimming with the fish. I lost my ring while swimming (it jumped out) but because the sun beams brightly and the water is crystal clear, we found it in less than 5 min! This is not polluted because its protected, I just hope it remains like that in hundred years maybe? This water is going to a bay that’s why there are fish living in the lagoon.

Enchanted River is quite crowded of tourists coming from different parts of Mindanao including me and him. Bryan was the one who enjoyed it a lot because he loves to swim in deep surfaces. He should thank me because I braved to do this for him lol!

And to complete our team of exploratory is Rhea.

Enchanted River entrance fee: P30.00
Address: Talisay, Hinatuan Surigaon del Sur
Ask locals for directions
Expect a roller coaster of ride ;-)

Contact: yhan_lei(at)yahoo.com

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