Happy bath Facial Yogurt Review

When was the last time you feel happy washing your face? That you almost licked the foam on it? Well I almost did. You know for a fact that I’m a yogurt lover and this happy bath facial yogurt spells YUMMY-NESS! I can eat it lol! The touch, the smell, the smoothness feels good to the skin. It’s a delectable treat to your skin! Too bad I can’t read the inscription at the back  as its written in Korean.

My best friend Abby brought a happy bath facial yogurt for me all the way from Korea. She’s a skin care guru (I consider her and encouraged her to blog),  she would remind me to take care of my skin to keep it young looking and moisturized. But sometimes I’m lazy to care more and tend to neglect it due to work (yes, I’m making excuses again). Koreans are conscious about skin and they spent large amount of money for maintenance. I couldn’t agree more as you have observed it yourself. They are usually flawless, right?

When Abby give me  a present I get ecstatic to try it because it’s from Korea plus its organic/natural. When I receive this Happy Bath Facial Yogurt, I instantly took photo of it.

I wanted more stocks of it, but where can I buy when its from Korea and I’m in Philippines? I looked for it in amazon and its there, go here if you want to try it too. Believe me, you’ll never regret it. Have fun touching your face (but with clean hands, ayt).

Below is a photo taken right after washing my face with Happy bath Facial Yogurt (no make up, no edits), feeling refreshed and clean. And the feeling lasts longer. Its really natural and harsh is the last thing you put in mind. I couldn’t find another word for satisfaction but ‘happy bath’!

Another one for vanity!


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