Good bye beloved Michael Jackson

Good bye beloved Michael Jackson, unique talent, moonwalk moves, michael jackson
When I was just a kid, my cousin would fetch me at my house and invites me to join her watch Michael Jackson on a television set. Michael was always alive with his most courageous voice. Every time he dances, you can’t stop to stamp your feet to the beat of the music he produces. We as a child always enjoyed that moment, which we can hear and experience his unique talent. I personally admire him for his moonwalk moves. He is truly amazing and inspirational, he broke down the barriers of racial discrimination and proved something to himself and to the world that he can stand out the crowd as a black American. It was during my childhood years since he started his victory and glory in 1980’s. Michael was also human but I believe he never experienced his childhood with so much fun and in a way that a normal children does. I can feel that he misses childhood, being a teen ager because of his hectic schedules doing concerts and recording. Maybe, that could be the reason he loved children. I sympathized him for that. Although there were allegedly rumors that he abused his own child or other kids, I still admired him for his inspiration to poor kids who have the same ambition as his to become someone in the future and to support that famous song ‘Heal the World’

He is a legend to me and he once touched my life.

Goodbye Michael…

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