Gingoog City: My Hometown

There’s no place like home. Gingoog City is my favorite spot aside from the fact that it’s the place where I grow up (though I only grew figuratively by just little inch :P) it’s the place where I learned so much things in life, it’s the place where I earned my friends who still are my friends after high school. It’s Gingoog City that I left to pursue my college education in Iligan City. But nothing still beats Gingoog from other places I’ve been to. From it’s peacefulness and simplicity and the warm people living there. In fact many foreigners are now flocking in in the city, they are more likely to live there and never go back to their foreign¬† country because they found a home in Gingoog. At least that’s what I observed. Gingoog though a small city is a promising land that offers entertainment to simple people like me. Want to live in a city that you could visit a beach easily? Choose Gingoog! Beaches lies attractively around it from Duka beach to Badiangon to Talisayan and all. Pictures shown here is the Sta. Rita church which is the patron of the city. In front of it is the newly renovated plaza with wondrous flowers dwelling in it and a man made fountain too.


Gingoog City

You’ll be amazed to see sculptures of fruits along with the plaza. This is a project of the government to showcase the farm products and the famous fruits growing in the city. You may ask why fruits? It’s because Gingoog is an agricultural city.¬† See pictures below.





And what’s more special about these fruits is that my uncle is the main sculptor :-D

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